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Halo History & Info

No description

Jonathan Moyers

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Halo History & Info

The Covenant is a collective group of aliens bent on taking out Humanity.
The Covenant
The Prophets control the Brutes and Elites.
They are the leaders of The Covenant.
These are the fierce Commanders of The Covenant army.
These are the ape-like Majors of The Covenant
Jackals are the designated snipers.
Grunts are used as cannon fodder for The Covenant
Hunters are the heavy artilery of The Covenant
Drones are used for recon and stealth

The Arbiter is an Elite that has been disgraced in combat and is sent on a mission that will more than likely end in his demise. Being arbiter used to be an honor, now it is a mark of shame.
The Brute Chieftain is the most powerful and respected member of the Brutes. He commands all Brutes because he is the Alpha Male
The Covenant also seek power through ancient alien technology. This technology they seek is known as Forerunner tech some good some very bad, But i will get to that later.
The Flood
Combat Forms are common and very dangerous.
Pure Forms are rare and ten times as dangerous as the Combat Forms.
Here is an example of some Covenant Weapons.
The Forerunners
The Forerunners are an ancient dead race that built tons of tech and scattered it around the Milk Way Galaxy.
The Ark
The Ark is a Forerunner Facility designed as a habitat for all life in the galaxy.
This ring structure is a Halo. The Halos were designed to eliminate all flood life forms in the Milky Way Galaxy.
This is the symbol for Reclaimer, meaning Human.
Forerunners left Human kind all they have to offer
This is what a Forerunner looks like in armor.
Humans are the outnumbered force in the Human-Covenant war they were losing but won thanks to the Master Chief.
UNSC Marines come in many different variants.
This Marine is in standard armor and gear.
This is a ship faring marine
This is a space Marine
This is a Heavy weapon marine.
This marine pilot fights along side The Master Chief
ODST's are highly trained volunteer marines.
They operate in covert ops or are used to take out high value targets.
This is a sniper class ODST
This is a standard class ODST
This is an ODST Drop Pod.
These are used to drop ODST's in to the thick of battle or behind enemy lines.
Spartans are bio augmented humans that are equipped with high tech suits of armor.
The Master Chief
The Master Chief is the most well know Spartan of his generation
The Chief took part in the first discovery of the Halo Rings
The Chief is also the luckiest humans alive. He was chosen to be a Spartan because of luck
Halo is an RPG (Role Playing Game) based in the 2500's. In Halo you play as an augmented super human called Master Chief. Chief and other human forces fight off The Covenant and The Flood (Before Halo 4). The Human-Covenant War start on Harvest. After several years of defense the humans military plane of Reach is discovered by The Covenant and destroyed.
In 2552, The Chief and crew of The Pillar of Autumn escape planet Reach and Slip-Space jump using random coordinates. These coordinates are the location of a Halo. The Chief fights The Covenant on Halo and discovers a parasitic life form called the Flood. The Chief then gos to The Pillars wreckage and destroys the engines, which cause a nuclear reaction thus obliterating the Halo ring.
After The Chief destroyed the Halo ring, he made his way back to earth on a ship he was able to salvage. After returning to Earth, Chief is on a space station when The Covenant find Earth and attack several major cities. One city is helped by Chief and several other troops. After the city is "safe" Chief and the ship In Amber Clad head to a second Halo. Delta Halo is covered by the Flood and The Covenant break out in a civil war between The Elites and Brutes.
In the end Delta Halo is not activated and The Chief returns to Earth. After Chief crash lands in a jungle he meets up with The Arbiter and several marines. Chief and The Arbiter lead several assaults against the new Covenant. Then The Flood appears on Earth and Chief has to stop it. After the Flood is Killed off Chief and Arbiter land on The Ark (Galactic Halo repair center).
While on The Ark, Chief and The Arbiter find the cartographer and discover a way to stop every Halo from firing. After Chief and Arbiter stop the Halos, The Flood attack and Chief must rescue his A.I. partner from its clutches. After Cortana (Chiefs A.I.) is rescued Him and Arbiter destroy The Ark.
After the events on The Ark, Arbiter returns to Earth and Chief is left drifting in space for four years.
Several flood attack humans
The story continues in the Reclaimer saga
In Halo 4, The Chief and his A.I. Cortana find themselves among an entire Covenant fleet.
After destroying one of the ships, a Giant metal planet called Requiem opens its' giant metal shell.
This clip show a small amount of action that happens to chief on Requiem
In Halo 4 there are also Spartan IV's
Spartan IV's are highly trained fourth generation Spartans made to replace the original Spartan II's
These are Forerunner A.I.'s called Prometheans. These A.I. are viscous and brutal killing machines.
They are designed to protect Requiem.
Thanks for Watching
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