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Pre-referral,Completeing checklist, FBA

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melissa paulsen

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Pre-referral,Completeing checklist, FBA

By:Melissa Paulsen & Amy Gibbs Pre-referral, Checklist, FBA *The classroom teacher has a big responsibility in the pre-referral process.* Pre-referral The response-to-intervention team might then elect to refer the student for further in-depth evaluations by the special education teachers. If in-class intervention, small-group pull-outs and/or different interventions have been tried and student is still not making adequate progress.... Then what? Most of us have difficulty remembering a list that is longer than 5 to 7 items. In many cases, just writing down our thoughts or creating a list of things to do, allows our minds to focus on other things which, in turn, make our lives less stressful. Using a checklist is an excellent way to make our lives simpler and more productive. Checklist RTI?
What does RTI mean? RTI guidelines require the classroom teacher to
continually evaluate the quality and methods of teaching, in addition to assessing the student for understanding. Forms of Evaluation -Informal assessments,
-Anecdotal notes,
_ Portfolio work samples *The teacher never makes decisions based on only one method of assessment.* http://websis.sd282.org/applications/website_teacher/index.php?AMRefID=&outVOU=5&im_refid=84&page=GI62 Sources: http://files.csd.org/linked_files/Special%20Ed/nov_2010/FBA_BIP_WS_11-23-2010/resource_not_required/First%2520District%2520Tools.pdf Examples Why are Checklist Important? FBA What does it mean? “If there is a solid academic program and if positive behavioral expectations have been taught by teachers, then strategies for responding to behavior problems can be successful.”
Handbook of Research in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders SIMPLE Functional Assessment
A-B-C, it’s easy as
1. Collect and analyze data
2. Develop A-B-C behavior pathway
3. Determine function “Functional Behavioral Assessment involves the collection of data, observations, and information to develop a clear understanding of the relationship of events and circumstances that trigger and maintain problem behavior.” http://appliedbehavioralstrategies.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/what-is-an-fba/
– A student with (or is suspected of having)
disabilities displays behavior that impedes with
his/her learning or that of others (special factor)
– A student’s behavior results in a change of
placement (irrespective of whether the behavior is
determined to be a manifestation of the child's
disability) When is it time to complete a FBA? A -B- C Pathway Setting Events Antecedents Behavior Consequence Bo New to
school. Transition between
activities Pushes books
off desk. Hangs out with
friend in office Sara Setting Events Antecedents Behavior Consequence Poor reading
Skills Asked to
read aloud Pushes books
off desk. Feels relieved Your Turn

When given independent math assignments, Chase uses profanity & disrupts lessons, especially when he has worked alone for 30 minutes without peer contact. His work does not get completed, & he avoids teachers requests. A-B-C's for Chase Setting Event Antecedent Behavior Consequence Our ABC pathway for Chase Setting Event Antecedent Behavior Consequence Alone for
30+minutes Independent
math task Profanity,
disruption Gets out of
completing work http://www.education.ne.gov/cspd/Conference/Handouts/RobbinsFBA.pdf - second phase in the referral process
- intervention is used to identify, develop, and implement alternative education strategies
a. it is generally conducted by an early intervention team
b. the teacher provides background information related to the problem and the team works to develop possible solutions. RTI is comprised of three levels of intervention:
1. utilizing high-quality instruction in core curriculum with all students
2. provides targeted group instruction and remediation to improve performance
3. intensive individualized interventions http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/13769229/chase Lechtenberger, D. (2008). Project ideal. Retrieved from
http://www.projectidealonline.org/special-education-referral-process.php "After a hasty special education placement for behavioral
problems. The school officials were embarrassed to learn that Marty did really have ants in his pants."
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