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Who are the Acadians?

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vaisnavi kamalakaran

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Who are the Acadians?

Who are the Acadians?
The Acadians were people that originated in 17th century. Acadians were the first French- speaking people to settle in Canada. They were the descendants of the French colonists, who settled in Acadia, a colony of New France. During the 17th century approximately sixty families were established. The Acadians had a close and friendly relationship with the Mi'kmaq. They follow the Roman Catholicism religion and they speak a language called Chiac or Acadian french
Why are the Acadians Important to Canada's History?
The Acadians are important to Canada's history because the Acadians were in between the British and the French. They looked at the war as something unecessary. They simply wanted to live in peace. They are the people from Acadia, now the Maritimes. They are important because they represent Acadia just like Canadians represent Canada.
Where Exactly did they Live?
The Acadians lived in a colony called Acadia. Acadia is now Eastern Canada's Maritime provinces ( Nova Scotia , New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and a part of Quebec. This territory was close to the fishing grounds and shipping routes. Their territory was along the British colonies.
The Acadians
The Expulsion
(Map of Acadia 1768.Acadia is the ancient name of Nova Scotia)
The Impact on Today's Society
The modern time of the Acadians is marked by the arrival of Louis J. Robichaud as Prime Minister of New Brunswick in 1960. He accomplished many things during his ten years as head of the province's government. This Prime Minister respected the Acadians culture and provided them with a French University and a French teacher training college.
The expulsion was a forceful removal by the British to the Acadianss. The British removed the Acadians from present-day Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Bruswick and Prince Edward Island. The British deported them to the Thirteen Colonies. British expelled them, ignoring the thought that Acadians were neutral.
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