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Physical Science Prezi

No description

Marco Sanchez

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Physical Science Prezi

Marco Sanchez Simple Machines What is a machine? A device that makes doing work
easier by increasing the force that
can be applied to an object. What is a
simple machine? A machine that does work with only
one movement of the machine. The Six
Simple Machines Lever
Wheel and Axle
Wedge Two main types
of simple machines
are levers and inclined planes 3 Different types of levers First- Class Lever:
The fulcrum is between the input and force and output force

Second- Class Lever:
The output force is between the fulcrum and the input force

Third- Class Lever:
The input force is between the fulcrum and the output force A pulley is a adapted version of a lever and a
screw and wedge are adapted versions of inclined plane. Examples
of 3 levers Pulley A pulley is a grooved wheel with rope or chain running along the groove Two types of pulleys: Movable- Wheel: Free to move Fixed- Wheel: Can change direction of input (and increases input force) and variation Wheel and Axle: Simple machine considering of shaft or axle attached to the center of a larger wheel, so that they rotate together. Ex- Pencil Sharpener, Door Knob, Screw Driver, and Facet handles. Inclined Plane: Ex- Skateboarding Ramp Sloping surface such as a ramp that reduces amount of force required to do work Screw: Inclined plane wrapped around a spiral cylindrical post. Wedge: Inclined plane with one or two sloping sides- changes the direction of input force. Ex- Knives Compound Machine 2 or more simple machines that operate together. Ex- can opener Ideal Mechanical Advantage of a lever (IMA) Can be calculated for any machine by dividing the input distance by the output distance
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