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Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

Hiab Debessai

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Treasure of Lemon Brown

The Treasure of Lemon Brown lets INFER shall we... -it is dark on the stairs
-they are scared
-they are comforting each other 1) When Lemon Brown is probing for Greg's hand we can infer that... Brown is physically very close to Greg which builds a feeling of intensity and suspense. They are crouched in the darkness, awaiting their fate (ominous sounds). 2) When Lemon's breath is described as warm, we can infer that... 3) When the "bad men" say, "yeah he's here every night" we can infer that... Lemon Brown is in fact homeless and not just "staying in this abandoned tenement." He is living there. 4) When one of the boys says,“Yeah, here, take the pipe too.” and Greg is said to have, “opened his mouth to quiet the sound of his breath as he sucked it in uneasily.” we can infer that... -Greg is incredibly scared (chilled) of these men.
-The stakes are high, Lemon Brown and Greg could possibly be killed.
-The men have malicious intent. Are there for blood. 5) When one of the 'bad men' says, “All I know is that I heard him talking about some kind of treasure. You know they found that shopping bag lady with that load of money in her bags,” we can infer that... These men have a history of robbing homeless or helpless people for money.
These men value material form of treasure. They value money above all else.
These men are malicious and cruel. They will stop at nothing for money. They would even consider robbing an old lady for money. Climax of our story: pg5-6 Occurs when Lemon Brown and Greg come face to face with the thugs who break into the building.
-Main conflict
-Stakes are high: conflict is over life and property
-Happens later in the plot
-Antagonist? mental and moral qualities distinctive
to an individual the impression that something bad or unpleasant
is going to happen! main character of a story round character in "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"
-during the climax, he acts as one of the protagonists
-teaches Greg a lesson the character in conflict with the main character hint: keeps main character from reaching his/her goals the ability to change the way a person thinks and/or acts hint: the POWER to create, shape, or define someone's character a character that undergoes
a personality change in the story all conflict is over; there is no conflict a this point in the story; loose ends are tied up and the story comes to a close a character that remains the same throughout the story all of the events that occur after the turning point of the story; the conflict has died down or already occurred; loose ends are being tied up; some conflict may happen here but they are not significant a character who is NOT well developed the point in the story where the conflict is the MOST intense; the turning point of the story a character that is well developed the first conflict of the story happens here;
this part of the story builds suspense; there is lots of
action and it creates a sense of rising tension and building suspense when and where a story takes place happens at the beginning of the story; we get
the setting here and sometimes the mood of the story
happens here; we are introduced to the characters here; there is no conflict at this part of the story a struggle between two opposing forces
an example of this kind of conflict is Mulan vs the matchmaker hint: another example would be African Americans who could not vote according to law conflict that is experienced by only ONE character;
mental or emotional struggle that occurs within a character an example of this kind of conflict
is Mulan vs her ancestors conflict that is experienced by more than one character; struggle between character and something
or someone outside of that character an example of this kind of conflict is Mulan vs her father hint: another example of this kind of conflict
would be Sponge Bob vs Patrick a type of internal conflict; one of the five types of conflict; conflict between the character and themselves ex: Mulan vs identity
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