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Social Media @UNDP

No description

UNDP Social Media

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Social Media @UNDP

Imagine you could reach out to everyone who owns a mobile phone Facebook Webcast Twitter - Tips

audience: journalists, NGOs, companies, students

goal: for generating buzz, engagement, listening

max. 1 tweet every 10min

quality instead of quantity - follow & engage with key people

create lists

sharing is caring

mention ur fans

how: use trending topic Facebook - Tips

goal: for community building

audience: 25-35 yrs

motivation: want to share & gain knowledge, want to show they care, interested in solutions, topic: poverty

engagement should be meaningful, deep, impactful, collective - give them problems to solve, recognition

show them they make a difference

must be fun, social thing to do

be source of information for them

ignite their creativity, use crowd sourcing

sound & look human

create favourite pages

use walls of other pages

be a great host - say thanks, be entertaining, be nice

1-2 short sentences

sound human & less formal than corporate UNDP texts

use “we” and “our” instead of “UNDP”

avoid acronyms

max 2 updates/day

tag others in ur updates

contests, quizzes, questions, engaging content! Twitter - Updates
contests, quizzes, questions
Make titles short and snappy
less than 100 characters
URL shortener http://bit.ly
use twitter handle & # in updates Newsletters for UNDP staff Online Wiki Templates More UNDP staff tweeting Twitter blog UNDP's Social Media Channels Our global accounts Channel View: 482,438
Total Upload Views: 1,453,169
Subscribers: 3,044 Blog “We aspire for UNDP to be a world class
knowledge-based organization.” Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator Empowering our staff Guidelines UN social media
Community of Practice Online & In-house
Training One-on-one guidance
How to... Monitor the conversation around your topics & country

Find the right social networking channel & get started

Blog & contribute to UNDP's "Our Perspective"

@svbroc How are we using social media? Telling our story Live tweeting
from events Listening &
reputation management UNDP Cairo from Transition Forum
via #demtransition Live Twitter chats Promoting Human Development Report launch Development 2.0 Why Social Media? Our global Facebook accounts 35+ Country Office &
thematic pages Tweeting UNDP staff Our global Twitter accounts Campaigns World Environment Day
- Treehugger Photos two-way dialogue Social Media @UNDP Kenya: SMS alerts for a peaceful referendum Bangladesh: Mobile phone early warning Rwanda: Emergency health services with toll-free number Real-time search for "UNDP" & "Bahrain" Tweetdeck.com Imagine you could engage directly with journalists... Note taking for yourself

Key takeaways for non-participants

Join the conversation

Make new contacts and gain followers

Show your expertise

Social Reporting why
[live-]tweeting ? Facebook interview with Helen Clark,
MDG - Summit 2010
~ 10.000 views Imagine being able to send a text message to almost 50,000 people. Imagine you knew what
200 mil Twitter followers,
800 mil Facebook users
& more
are talking about right now Imagine you could ask 75.000 people to help you with a problem Imagine your words being passed on by 5 people. Then 20. Then 100. Stats- clicks on our Twitter links/month Stats - views of Facebook posts F Crisis Communications @svbroc ... or with the Foreign Minister of Bahrain twitter.com/UNDP/colleagues twitter.com/UNDP/world-wide
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