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Breaking Barriers

Argentina TESOL 2013

Maggie Steingraeber

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Breaking Barriers

Breaking barriers: Introducing alternative teaching methods in traditional education environments Maggie Steingraeber
Brainstorm What do we understand by
"traditional education"? Define the context
Present the challenges
Propose solutions
Explain the methodology
Share breakthroughs
Offer insight Visnagar, Gujarat, India Context Challenges Students Teachers Solutions Methodology Breakthroughs Insight References Questions?? Sankalchand Patel College Overview Affective Cultural Materials Student Expectations Result-based Education Attitude Towards Workshop Motives for Teaching Power shift Relevance Project/Task-based Learning Learner Training Challenge Traditional Roles On-going Needs Assessment Content-based Instruction Reflection & Feedback Winning Trust Projects Green Rebels Teaching Learner Training Personal Surveys Self-assessment Critical Thinking Activities Reflection Challenge Traditional Roles Class Format Student Participation Group Work Student Leadership CALL Drama Make the student the expert On-going Needs Assessment Teaching Journals Team Teaching Observation Self-reflection Course-evaluation Feedback Transparency with Goals and Objectives Relevance and Practicality "How does this apply to your classroom?" Learning does not occur in a vacuum Adaptation to new expectations Patience Bailey, K. (1991). Focus on the language classroom. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Graves, K. (1999). Designing language courses: A guide for teachers. Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle.
Nunan, D. (1989). Designing tasks for the communicative classroom. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Nunan, D. (1991). Communicative tasks and the language curriculum. TESOL Quarterly, 25, 279 – 295.
Woodward, T (2001). Planning Lessons and Courses. Cambridge University Press. Encouraging Life-long Learning "I learnt that teacher should interact with whole classroom while teaching not only with anyone clever boy /favorite student use some effective example related to my teaching topic" "The importance of problem formulation. The need of understanding a student's learning style. How to get answers through collaborative discussions." "I learn about various technological/ internet facility avail to incorporate in my teaching. It also gives me many ideas about conducting classroom for students belong to different learning abilities." "This course is different than other courses because this course is personality teaching, self-confidence, fun class and it is not a boring course." "I felt very very well. For me it was one achievement in my life." "I can't explain about my feeling of teaching in front of Nootan students but I would say it was simply superb." Tarana Patel
Sarah DeMola
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