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Smart Cities

No description

Juan Diego Galvez

on 27 August 2016

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Transcript of Smart Cities

What Are Smart Cities?

Smart City = Urban Development + ICT + Sustainability

Combination of Three Components

Goal: Analyze, operate, and secure a
city's assets.

Improve efficiency
Smart Life
The Smart City Function
ICT Solutions
ICT = Information & Communication Technology

IoT and Big Data merge together in a Smart City.
IoT tech creates the medium to collect data over citizen life in order for governments to analyze it and make better decisons.


ICT & Sustainability
Software and Hardware

1.Gather Data 2.Communicate 3.Improve Operations

1. Sensors
2. Data Programs
3. Communication Interfaces
4. Cameras and Recording Devices

Information provides the guidelines towards

Communication enables citizens to be
better informed about government
services and sustainable practices.
Social and Economical Benefit

Improves the overall quality of life

Helps Governments and Corporations
save Money and Time
Everyone's Happy
Current Designs And Projects
Smart Utility Service
Analytics to improve customer service in physical agencies.

App for Users and Workers

New Operational Model

Creation of an Open Government Platform
where operations and communication are managed by an administrative team in a control room.
Smart Public Transportion

Gather Analytics over the usage of the service (demand)

Improve Decision Making

Interfaces for the User and Worker

Automatized process for

When Smart Cities will become

Our generation will experience one of the greatest
technological revolutions in humanity

Close to the next 10-20 years
Thank you for your time
Juan Diego Galvez
CEO & Co-Founder

Using geo-fencing sensors and analytics dashboards.
Creates a communication interface for both operations and customer service.
Arrangement of sensors gather data of citizen engagement with service.
Analytics dashboard processes information.
Apps for communication and operations.
Smart Transportation
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