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Nokia Corporation SWOT Analysis

PSB presentation


on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Nokia Corporation SWOT Analysis

Anon, (2011) "Nokia: Losing the 'Democratizer' Role to Android", Black Book-The Handset Handbook for 2011: Industry & Competitive Implications of a Revolution in Full Swing, p. 103-113.

Anon, (2012a) "Nokia corporation: SWOT analysis overview", Datamonitor 360[Online], Available: http://360.datamonitor.com/Product?pid=68875A1E-6946-4660-A49A-A0854BB82DCA&view=SWOTAnalysis [20 August 2012].

Anon, (2012b) "Nokia's new phones:Not drowning, but waving", The Economist. [Online], Available: http://www.economist.com/node/21534843 [20 August 2012].

Anon, (2012c) "Nokia: Struggling in the smartphone age", Nokia Case study: Struggling in the Smartphone Era,Feb, p. 1-18. Bibliography Gwyn
Group8 Nokia Corporation
SWOT Analysis But it may take a long time. Nokia still has a chance to to reinvent itself in mobile market if it can do more such as aggressive innovation and new products exploration. Conclusion Fierce competition
strong competitors such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola
do more adjustments
develops its unique new products Declining profitability
nearly 8 points of gross margin lost
impact the research and promotion of new products
impact the company's long-term development Threats The market strategy and plan shift over time four senior managers left company as of 2010 to 2012 do some essential changes
restructure its strategies. The sales of smart-phones fell by 39% in the third quarter of this year Constant changes of Human Resource management Market share declines Weaknesses may benefit from potential LTE services market reduce the cost and time of product research
quickly return to the smart phone market Opportunities Strong market position and brand reputation
mobile device sales
mobile network operators sales
goods features;e.g. hard to break Large network of selling and distribution
distribution system and online retailers have had boosted in developing countries Strengthes the world's largest supplier of mobile phones 2012 1998 1967 1865 a new communicational and information technology corporation a paper mill Introduction 4 Threats 3 Opportunites 2 Weaknesses 1 Strengthes Contents SWOT
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