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Max and jackson

No description

Mike Graham

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Max and jackson

What money is made of
Money is made out 75% cotten and 25% linen.

Bills over one dollar have red and blue strads in them.
fact 5/6
If the money is wrong it is destroyed.
one dollars go though a machine called the nota-sav.
fact 7/8
machines seperate one dollar billsin into stackes of hundrends. then they are put in to bricks of
fact 9
these bricks are labeled with barcods.
fact 11
there are two places where people make money in the U.S.A. Washington, D.C. and Fort, Worth Taxas.
fact 3/4
money used to be soft steel sheets of money.
machines can print around 8,000 sheets of money per hour.
fact 10
The sheets of money have $100 in each pile.
Max and jackson
12/15/16 how is money made
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