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Mandarin 2-Lesson 5

No description

Kaila Lee

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Mandarin 2-Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Visiting Friends To come in Come quickly To introduce Once; a bit Pretty Beautiful To Sit At; in; on School To drink Time; a little; a bit To want To give Can; may Sorry Measure word for
cup and glass Measure word for bottle Tea Coffee Cola Soda Where To have fun; to play A dynamic particle Library Together To chat Not until; only then Only To return To go home Zuò Xuéxiào Jìn Lái Kuài lè Jiè shào Yí Xià Piào lìang Měi Zài Hē Yào Gěi Bēi Píng Chá Kāfēi Kělè Wán er Le Liáo tiān cái -Use after a verb. It acts like an adverb.
Ex: GRAMMAR TIPS Huí Huí Jiā - is used to describe nature as beautiful and is used to describe something man-made pretty. - indicates that an action has been done. Do not use if the speaker did not complete the action. This sentence is wrong: - is an adverb, coming before a verb.
For example, -When using the term , the means to return so do not use a verb before this term, otherwise the sentence is redundant. ǐ There are two teams. Each team’s goal is to win as many points as possible. There are index cards mixed up with Chinese characters. The goal is to match these cards with each other. Each team gets one turn per round. One person from each team goes up at a time. That person can only pick up *2* index cards. If the cards do not match, that person will place the cards back where they found it. If a person from Team 1 gets the match correct, the person will have to say aloud the English translation of the character. If he/she is correct, their team will earn a point. If they don’t, no point is awarded.
*Other team members can help their own team out. **Please note that the person will be awarded one bonus point if they write the correct pinyin with tone marks on the board! Team members may help the student match the cards. Points may be taken away due to a team being too loud. Game Time! Chinese Matching Game
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