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The Once and Future King vs. X-Men 2

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Melinda Cindea

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Once and Future King vs. X-Men 2

It is easier to give up
than to fight for what is right. Love Education Might for Right "The King took him by the shoulder and turned him round. 'Look,' he said, 'What is wrong? Are you in a bad temper? If I have done something stupid, tell me. Don't be in a bad temper.'
It had the effect of making the aged nigromant angrier than before.
'Tell you!' he exclaimed. 'And what is going to happen when there is nobody to tell you? Are you never going to think for yourself? What is going to happen when I am locked up in this wretched tumulus of mine, I should like to know?"' page 222 "'You see,' he said, 'Might is not Right. But there is a lot of Might knocking about in this world, and something has to be done about it. It is as if People were half horrible and half nice. Perhaps they are even more than half horrible, and when they are left to themselves they run wild. You get the average baron that we see nowadays, people like Sir Bruce Sans Pitié, who simply go clod-hopping round the country dressed in steel, and doing exactly what they please, for sport. It is our Norman idea about the upper classes having a monopoly of power, without reference to justice. Then the horrible side gets uppermost, and there is thieving and rape and plunder and torture. The people become beasts.’” …
“’ Now what I have thought,’ said Arthur, ‘is this. Why can’t you harness Might so that is works for Right? I know it sounds nonsense, but I mean, you can’t just say there is not such thing. The Might is there, in the bad half of people, and you can’t neglect it. You can’t cut it out, but you might be able to direct it, if you see what I mean, so that is was useful instead of bad.’” Pages 247-248
“’I tried to warn them Gawaine. I tried to warn them a few days before they were caught. But it was difficult to say the things in plain English, without hurting people’s feelings. And I was a fool, too. I didn’t want to be conscious of it. I hoped that if only I was not quite conscious of everything, it would come straight in the end. Do you think it was my fault? Do you think I could have saved them, if I had done something else?’” Page 579 Merlyn King Arthur Lancelot King Arthur Queen Guenever Magneto Logan/Wolverine VS. Symbols Sword Powers Jean Gray Logan/ Wolverine Scott Summers/ Cyclops Charles Xavier Charles Xavier Each of these are used to fight for what is right. King Arthur used a sword, and the X-Men used their powers. Theme The School For X-Men This quote takes place just before Queen Guenever is to be burned on the stake for committing adultery. King Arthur was forced into placing Guenever and Lancelot in a trap and was therefore going to have to watch her die. This quote shows you how much Arthur truly loves both Guenever and Lancelot. His love goes past intimacy and is deeper than that. He was willing to give up everything so that Guenever and Lancelot can live. Lance has already escaped his punishment by fleeing, but if Lancelot does not rescue Guenever, both Lance and Arthur will have to lose her.
This quote relates to X-Men 2, because in both The Once and Future King and X-Men 2 there was a love triangle. In The Once and Future King it included Lancelot, Arthur, and Guenever and in X-Men 2 it included Scott Summers/Cyclops, Logan/Wolverine, and Jean Gray. One man got the girl for good, and the other was fighting for her. In the end though, in both The Once and Future King and X-Men 2, both of the men had to give her up. Scott had loved Jean so much that he had been willing to die just so that he could save her. If Scott had tried to save her, then all the specials would have died in the flood. Similarly, if Arthur had not agreed to set the trap to catch Guenever and Lancelot, then he would have lost his kingdom.
In both The Once and Future King and X-Men 2, love is fought for by the men in each. They have to fight for the women’s heart. The woman originally loved one man and the other tried to come in and win her heart. This caused the men that won her to have to either give up something, or accept the fact that their wife was in love with another man. In the end, both the men loved their kingdom/people more than their wife, so they were willing to give her up. This quote takes place when Arthur is about to go to war. Arthur was posed with the question of why you should go to war, and if there was a good reason. His solution was to create a round table in which no man was above another, they were all just fighting for what was right. This quote explains why most of the problems in society exist. Arthur is trying to take an awful thing and make it excellent. He wanted to get rid of the problem of fighting all the time just to be better that another, to fighting for good reasons.
In X-Men 2, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier are fighting for what is right. They are using their powers for the good of people, rather than just using them for wrong. Magneto had giving up trying to fight for their existence and just wanted to get rid of who he thought the problem was: humans. Professor Charles Xavier and Logan were fighting to keep the school for specials open and also for the existence of specials. The humans that knew about them thought that they were a threat and wanted to get rid of them so that humans could live their lives in peace.
This quote reflects the theme because in both The Once and Future King and X-Men 2, the fight for the right thing was harder than just letting things stay the way they were. Arthur gave up for a while and allowed for others to take over his job and tell him what to do, rather than standing up for what he thought was correct. When he came back to his senses, it was harder for him to fight off Mordred than to just let Mordred take over. In X-Men 2, Magneto had given up his fight to live in peace with humans and just wanted them all dead, which was easy.
This quote takes place right after Arthur becomes king. Merlyn is trying to get Arthur to think for himself, while Arthur just wants to be told what is wrong. Merlyn knows that he must leave soon and does not want to leave someone incompetent to rule the kingdom. Arthur has to grapple with everything to find the source of Merlyn’s discomfort. Similarly, Arthur must fight alongside his men to educate them the real reasons to fight.
In X-Men 2, Logan/Wolverine must use his own mind to find out where he came from. He has no recollection of what has happened to him and even though Professor Charles Xavier knows, he will not tell Logan because he knows it will not have taught him anything. Professor Charles Xavier and Merlyn both think that just telling someone something does not help them, because they would not have had to think through the problem.
This quote reflects the theme because in both The Once and Future King and X-Men 2, both Arthur and Logan must fight to teach others of the right thing. For Arthur, he must fight to show people the reason to fight. He does not want people to just fight; only to fight for what is right. Logan must fight to keep open the school for specials and also to eventually teach humans about the existence of specials. It would have been easier to do as Magneto and just completely obliterate the problem than to fight to keep the humans and the school.
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