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No description

Black Panther

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Max

Whats it about
The Movie Max is a movie about a dog and his handler, kyle going on a mission for the marines, and the handler kyle dies by a bomb while going into bad territory. After kyle dies they are going the put the dog down because the dog cant work with anyone else but, when when kyles brother, Justine goes the his funeral and the dog comes he likes Justine and came home with him. Justine does not like max first but then he leans to like him and haves a Friend come train him handling the dog. Here is a short trailer of the movie. Also one more thing is that the detractor of the movie is Boaz Yakin.
The real names of the main character's
The real people that played in the movie were
The Breed
The Breed in this movie is a german shepherd. This type of dog is a working dog. The German Shepherd is a great dog for guarding. Here is a 1 min video of Cesar Melon explaining what type of dog it is.
By Alex and Joshua

Josh Wiggins
Robbie Amell
Lauren Graham
Mom in movie
Thomas Haden Church
Dad in Movie
Almost there
I Hope you Enjoyed our prezi as much as we did. Bye
we have one more thing to show you guys.
Here is a video of a dog meeting his hangler for over 4-6 months.
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