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All About Me


Lexie Knee

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of All About Me

By: Lexie Knee Cheerleading!! Peanut Year OYF JV Year OYF Varsity Year OYF Beginning of High School Jr. High Sophomore year High school JUNIOR! :D Upper classmen My mom was coach :) though very sad we placed every year first year of flying TERRIBLE!! DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK just getting the hang of it Freshman year Best year for cheer But very tough! BORING!! Worst year for our class But still was fun Last Year :( SENIOR!! SENIORITIS!! Sad but Exciting 7th Grade Was nothing big First year for camp Football & Bball Pee-Wee Clinics Still Football & Bball Homecoming parade
(not eating my hair) Gotta love football games
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