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Mike Washburn Prezumé

No description

Mike Washburn

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Mike Washburn Prezumé

My name is Mike Washburn
I am the Head of Computer Science
At Richmond Hill Montessori &
Elementary Private School


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I teach over 300 students

From Grade Two - Eight
Website Design
Digital Photography
Graphic Design
Video and Animation
Computer Programming
Gaming and Game Design
I am responsible for training teachers in new technology and inspiring them to engage their students in new and exciting ways.
My school is also in the process of transitioning to an all Apple environment with 1:1 iPad integration and a state-of-the-art iMac lab.
I am the
and only teacher,
of our next-generation technology curriculum.
Shall we begin?
We seek to develop students who leave RHMS already prepared for a world that needs creative thinkers, collaborative workers, and innovative problem solvers. We live in a global community where these skills will be required, not desired. This curriculum is designed to have real, tangible manifestations of our students learning when they are done; because students need to see a real result of their hard work, not just a test score.
I seek to educate digital creators
not merely digital consumers.
I teach all my lessons using
Prezi allows me to engage students like no other tool can. As a member of the Prezi Educators Society I would be an advocate for inspiring teachers to take their practice to the next level.
I would be an agent for change in a profession that needs to be revolutionized.
Prezi could be a powerful force in bringing teachers and students closer together through collaboration and creativity.
I try to innovate by employing a game-based learning curriculum which - by the end of a students elementary school career, asks them to create their own video games using a variety of powerful tools.
Students play games like Minecraft and SimCity to learn a number of cross-curricular subjects such as social studies, environmental science, and geography.
I want to inspire teachers to deliver inspired lessons.
Inspired teachers = Inspired Students.
I would be honored to work with you!
To make that happen.
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