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Stakeholder Management

Tutorial on Stakeholder Management from https://www.stakeholdermap.com

stakeholdermap .com

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Stakeholder Management

How to identify your stakeholders
The first step in stakeholder mapping is to identify your stakeholders.

Get your project team together and list everybody that you can think of who is, or will be affected by the project.
Techniques which will help you identify stakeholders
Stakeholder Management
Learn how to manage your stakeholders
Zen and the art of Stakeholder Management
Are your team:

struggling to make decisions?
not making progress?
not working together?
constantly finding problems?
complaining about other people or teams?
not getting any help from colleagues, suppliers or partners
running on the spot?
What is a Stakeholder?
A stakeholder is anybody who can affect or is affected by an organization, strategy or project.

They can be internal or external and they can be at senior or junior levels.
Neglect them and they will actively work against you.
Stakeholders are crucial to the success of your project.

Manage them well and they will actively promote you and your project.
Neglect them and they will actively work against you.
Stakeholders are crucial to the success of your business or project.

Manage them well and they will actively promote you and your project.
Stakeholder identification tools
Example stakeholder mindmap for a software implementation project.


Use our Stakeholder list to identify potential stakeholders


What is a stakeholder? Mind map

Stakeholder Analysis
Identifying stakeholders often results in a long list of individuals and groups
First analyze the list to identify groups with similar interests
Example interest matrix for university project
Stakeholder Analysis
Next prioritize stakeholders in order of importance by mapping their power and interest on a quadrant
Stakeholder Planning
Once you have mapped your stakeholders
focus your efforts on the highest priority groups

while providing sufficient information to keep the less powerful groups happy.
Identify win/win strategies
Now you know who are the key players document the stakeholders and identify win/win strategies for engaging with them
Using the information you have gathered in the previous steps write a communication and reporting plan that documents:

•the information requirements;
•frequency of communication;
•communication provider;
•and channel of communication for each stakeholder.
Make use of your existing reporting structure to manage and communicate with your key stakeholders

Don't forget to make use of technology e.g. webinars, video conferencing, internet, intranet.

Consider existing company communications. Updates on your project receive a higher profile if they appear in the company magazine, & you may get your message distributed for free.

Use more than one channel. Some people won't read emails, but they might listen to a podcast or a webinar
Develop the communication and reporting plan
Stakeholder Planning
Example communication plan
Stakeholder Planning tips
For more suggestions on communication and engagement methods see
Stakeholder Engagement
You have made it to the last step!

Now you just need to pull your work together to form your stakeholder engagement plan.
Purpose of the document

Project background

Introduction: Briefly explain how you carried out your stakeholder analysis.

Stakeholder analysis and engagement plan

Stakeholder communication plan

The stakeholder list. This section is probably best as an appendix.
Stakeholder Engagement
Your Stakeholder Engagement plan should contain:
Example Stakeholder Engagement plan for real project
Thank you for viewing this guide to Stakeholder Management!
For more tutorials and ready to use templates visit


Stakeholder Engagement
Final words
Make sure that you get your plan signed-off by your project sponsor or project board.

Sign-off must include approval from your client and should be at a senior level.

Ensure that anyone who is involved in delivering the plan has read and approved it and understands the actions that they need to take.
Congratulations by following these 4 steps your project has a much greater chance of success!
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