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Blackboard 9.1 Basics

No description

Karen Li

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Blackboard 9.1 Basics

Blackboard 9.1
Basics What is Blackboard? What can Blackboard Do? An online version of your classroom
Virtual learning environment
Course management system
A software adds online elements to traditional classes Communication: announcement, chat discussion board, email, message, etc.

Collaboration: group, wiki, blog, etc.

Sharing: course material, website link, video, audio, image, etc. Course
Organization Organizing course
content into folders Course
Organization Course menu Discussion Board Asynchronous communication Topics organized into forums Threads under forums Reply to threads 1. dkjfdkjf Potential Activities using
Discussion Board Debate 1. Students might seek one "correct" answer. 2. There may be "monologues" instead of
discussions. 3. The instructor's reply can be "the end of
the conversation". Discussion Board Activities Group debate Brainstorming Problem solving Collaborative writing Discussions of course materials Gradebook Problems with Discussion Board 1. Grading schema Course
Organization Using divider 2. Enter grades 3. Organize columns 4. Download grades Contact Mark Riley: rileym1@ohio.edu Briju Thankachan: bt284107@ohio.edu Karen (Kun Li): kl100309@ohio.edu Larry Hess: hessl@ohio.edu Writing Good
Discussion Questions 1. Convergent Thinking – Why and How questions 2. Divergent Thinking – Imagine, Suppose, Predict, If/then questions 3. Evaluative Thinking – Defend, Judge, Justify, What is your opinion questions. Words of Wisdom with
Discussion Board Establish Discussion Forum Guidelines Be specific on what you expect from a post Try to establish a learning community Structure and plan your discussion in advance Lead and participate
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