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ABC Fahrenheit 451

No description

carter english

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of ABC Fahrenheit 451

By Carter
Farenheit 451 ABCs
is for Alarm
The alarms in this novel alerted the firemen to a new house containing books.
is for Bible
The Bible is the book which Montag had been taking to show Faber and he used to force Faber to help in his plan.
is for Clarisse Mcclellan
Clarisse is an odd girl, who met Montag one day as he was headed home. She is the one who initially opened Montag's eyes to a 'different world.'
is for declaration of war
The declaration of war had been a constant threat throughout this book as the country anticipated the coming war with bombers constantly going over.
is for Engine
The 'orange salamander' fire engine is the vehicle that the firemen use to get to the reported homes with books.
is for the Family
The Family is what people in the book call people on TV, which is also a major part of their lives.
is for Granger
Granger is the leader of the men Montag meets outside the city, who also helps him escape the hound. Granger is also 'The Republic' by Plato
is for hound
The hound is the mechanical creature used by fire departments to hunt down fugitives. Montag destroys one.
is for intellectuals
The people Montag meets who are led by Granger, what the society in this book lacked.
is for Jesus
Jesus is used by the people in this book as an advertisement to try and attract 'religious people' to purchase that good.
is for karma
Karma is a made up force that for every good action you do, good will come back to you. Karma could be seen in this when Beatty is killed by Montag after jeering him on.
is for loose tongue.
Montag has a loose tongue when he says, "Once upon a time" to the other firemen, which he accidentally read from a book.
is for Montag
Montag is the protagonist of the story. He's a fireman and discovers that books can be good, unlike the other fireman.
is for new technology
The book uses many technological things that were new compared to that of the time when the book was written.
is for obsessive
Obsessive is what many of the characters in this book are, whether it be over books, TV or burning all characters have some obsession with something.
is for pain
Most all characters go through some sort of pain, whether it be from loss or physical.
is for quiz
Beatty seems to be quizzing Montag when he starts yelling quotes at him in the fire station.
is for recluse
Faber is a recluse from society, hiding with his books.
is for snakes
The 'snakes' are the medical machine that are used to clean out people who over dose on medicine.
is for toothpaste
Toothpaste is the main ad that you hear throughout the story with Denham's Dentifrice. Also get's in Montag's head as he reads.
is for Utopia
The soceity in this book is supposed to be a uptopia, but is more of a distopia.
is for violent
Montag turns violent when Beatty threatens him and Faber, while jeering at him.
is for women
Mildred and her friends all pull the alarm on Montag, all are women. Many of the women are the ones who watch the TV, this story is primarily has men as characters.
is for xenophobia
Xenophobia is the fear of differences in others, which is demonstrated by the burning of books and sending those who read them to jail, showing that they fear the ideas book can inspire.
is for yammer
Many of Mildred's friends will yammer on after saying something, often repeating the last word they say. Such as when Montag reads the poem to Mildred's friends.
is for zealot
Montag becomes a zealot for books, more and more so over the course of the book. Faber, Granger and the other intellectuals could also could be considered zealots for books.
Merle I know what you're doing
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