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MERIT Competition

No description

Nopakit Lerthirunvibul

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of MERIT Competition

MERIT Competition Background In our everyday lives, there are vast opportunities where we, as a community, could become more Earth- friendly and conscious.
It is up to our generation to bring about changes to the way we live on this planet, to ensure that it will be available to future generations.
This thought has inspired us, Pavin Chayavivatkul, Nopakit Lerthirunvibul and Nakarit Devahastin Suthapreda, to create MERIT. The Concept The Modern Ecologically Responsible Innovation Team’s (MERIT) mission is to create positive lasting changes in the world around us by mobilizing students from schools all over Bangkok in this student-driven design initiative. What is the
MERIT COMPETITION? Thailand's first youth-driven product design competition
Team based competition, 3-4 students per team
Designing something aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of a family living in Bangkok
The construction cost must be under 3,000 Baht What are the Rewards? Award for 1st Place: 15,000 Baht + Internship at Toshiba
Award for 2nd Place: 5,000 Baht Kinokuniya Bookstore Gift Cards
Award for 3rd Place: 3,000 Baht Kinokuniya Bookstore Gift Cards
Certificates of effort for all who participate What is the Judging Process? 5 judges from MERIT
1 judge from Toshiba co. ltd
All decisions of the judges will be final
Most popular entries will be decided by the voting of registered users of Facebook Judging Criteria:
Environmental friendliness Submission Submit one of the following by mail or email:
Scanned sketches, charts, and 2D CAD drawing images
3D CAD images
Simulation or CAE images
eDrawings files
Your design can be uploaded at _______
File type options: PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and EDRW. Our Inspirations William Kamkwamba Louis Braille Jack Andraka Toshiba's Role Toshiba's motto is "Leading Innovation" and we have singled this out as the dominant characteristic of MERIT.

We believe Toshiba will agree with us in saying that helping the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow
One judge from Toshiba Thailand to create an experienced and fair panel
We would like Toshiba to become our partner because:
Toshiba is a leader in corporate social responsibility.
"Leading innovation" is an excellent representation of our project, because we aim to bring together the best minds of Thailand's youth
Provide opportunities for students to share and present innovative ideas they have
Encourage students to think in a more sustainable manner
Allows students to explore a creative designing process which they can implement in the future
Provide the opportunities for students to have the chance to work in a leading innovation company in Thailand THANK YOU
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