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Replay By: Sharon Creech

No description

Sam Kalawa

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Replay By: Sharon Creech

Replay By: Sharon Creech
Main Charre

Main Characters: Leo, was a boy in drama class at the at his school he is 12 years old he is the main person in the story. Mr. Beeber is the school’s drama teacher and if they get that play down my o my. Grandma and Grandpa Navy are Leos grandparents The other characters were Contento his 15 year old sister, Pietro Leo’s 11 year old brother, Nunzio Leo’s 8 year old brother that likes to sing, and his mom and dad. Leo’s friends Ruby and Orlando.

Setting: The story takes place in the auditorium at the school for the drama students. The story also takes place in Leo’s house.

Plot: This book was Replay by Sharon Creech this book was about a school doing a play. The play was Rumpopo’s Porch the director was Mr. Beeber. It was the night of the play and everyone was nervous. They were a ways into it and they started to mess up. This turned into a disaster they never thought this would happen it was a nightmare so they shut the curtains and the show was over. The next few weeks they kept practicing and practicing. This time Leo’s grandpa came this practice took forever and his grandpa is not pashtet this was pushing his nerves. The practice was finally over and his grandpa was so happy. The play happened again and.

did I likes this book?
Would I recommend this book to a friend? I would probably because it was a fun book to read and its not to long or short. Did I like this book yes i liked this book because it was the right fit for me.
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