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BLE Marketing

No description

Jord Fra

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of BLE Marketing

Simple, effective and potent proximity campaigns.
Know, Like, Trust
Overall Plan
BLE Marketing

With a simple platform anyone can use, a premium price-point and high-value content demonstrating our beacon expertise, we can get marketers to like, know and trust us.

Target Market
Marketing Executives

They may not be incredibly tech savvy, but they are curious on new tech to help increase ROI and keep their company’s level of marketing innovation.
Mobile Marketers

More tech savvy, willing to try new things, want something to impress their boss.
Outside of retail
Retail is our primary target, but we should be look at other areas as well. Museums, cities, airports, etc. are all interested in beacons and we have the expertise to pitch press-worthy projects to them.
Influencers and Potential partners

If we make content that is good enough, it should be picked up in the industry and we will be looked at by our peers as experts - this is great for referrals.

Premium & Easy to Use
We want to have a premier position, so a low price-point would hurt us.

Social Media
Creating microsites works great for reaching diverse audiences, in particular for SEO. We just need to write our content that your ideal reader cares about and try to get it in their hands by seeing where they hang out online.

A powerful tool to build social proof and easy to keep up with, it is a great way to build a following in a bite sized manner. It is not as difficult as other
platforms to build a following with the great number of tools available.

Google Plus
This is technically the second largest social network and backed by the “#1 name in search” to help build our SEO. This platform is great for connecting with people based on interests and topics thanks to the communities.

A great place to put your presentations, this has a solid professional network that can get you great quality leads.

If we can have quality videos, this is the second biggest search engine in the world. In can be the window into your organization and your work. Advertising is fairly cheap right now as well.

We can build and prove our expertise in the iBeacon space.

We keep up with innovation in mobile marketing in general and reach our target audience with tools, tech and tips for mobile marketers.

Know, Like, Trust
It always costs a good deal more to onboard new clients than lose them. Customer loyalty needs to be central. A highly valuable weekly email just for them (perhaps with statistics) and we need to have personal interaction weekly. Customer satisfaction surveys, white papers, etc. - always offering value customized for them.

Know, Like, Trust
Once we have a very satisfied client (or someone who trusts us), we can ask for others they know who would be interested in a beacon project. We could offer a special deal for the new client and a referral fee as an added incentive.

Our own website
It needs to be clean, simple, with our main selling points and refer to our expertise with iBeacontrends and mobileadtrends.

Magazine App

It is a compilation of content on our websites.
This can be used as outbound marketing too since we can interview our target audience about their experience with mobile marketing.


We can have an audience who will listen to you and just you for 30 minutes (versus watching a 3 minute video or spending 5 minutes reading a blog article). There is a renaissance of sorts in the podcast world and though it may seem a bit crowded, there is certainly opportunity with good content to break in.
It is also an excuse to interview our target market.
LinkedIn Group or Forum
LinkedIn gives us a professional platform to build on top of, but we can also launch a forum on the website. This can be paid eventually.


One on one dinners with potential clients.
A POC with retailers or a smart city generate press and contacts and help us learn internally from a real world experience.

Webinars & Demos

Webinars and demos are powerful tools for both deepening existing relationships and generating new fans. We can show our expertise and interact with people in real-time.

Free Consulting

We can offer free consulting to potential clients we see right on the verge of a sale. We can then sell them consulting after a few sessions. If they purchase consulting with us, they are very likely to use us as a software provider as well.

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