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Solution to the Problem Of The Crusades

My solution to the Crusades without having war occur

Marrcus Danzy

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Solution to the Problem Of The Crusades

The Solution to the Crusades
By:Marrcus Danzy Period 2-3 a Pope Urban II's Speech Pope Urban II had brought forth the Frankish soldiers at a meeting in Clermont in 1095.He told the Frankish soldiers,
"That a race from the kingdom of the Persians,an accursed race,a race utterly alienated from God,a generation forsooth which has not directed its heart and has not entrusted its spirit to God,has invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by the sword,"
and asks them to join in his mission to take back the holy land from the Pagans and Muslim soldiers. Pope Urban uses the empowering words, "God wills it!" which persuaded the Frankish soldiers because the Pope wouldn't lie about something said by God.But the Pope was bringing out a unneeded war that could have been resolved with peace. Pope Urbans II's flaws Pope Urban II was starting an unnecessary war that could have been dealt with through peace and understanding.Pope Urban II was a man highly trusted and respected by the people of the land and was thought to never lie on any topic or discussion based on the fact that priest were the closest people to God.All of the Frankish soldiers believed what Urban said was true and thus volunteered for a war that overall brought destruction to the Christians rather than redemption for the Holy Land.The Flaws of Pope Urban II ultimately led to the failure of peace between Christians and Muslims and brought forth the start of the crusades. Pope Urban was knowingly starting conflict that should never happen.The war between Christians and muslims is too deadly to allow to happen.Because I am from the future I can tell you that more deaths will be brought upon the Christians if you battle against the Muslims.More Christians will be killed because of the Crusades future influence on the world such as the Mindanas Muslims and the Filippino Christians in 1898 in the Philippines . The tension between Christians and Muslims was nothing more than trade and was overall in peace until the Crusades that Pope Urban II is starting.After the Crusade the small relationship that Christians and Muslims have will lead to the chaos that occurs in Spain.Fortunately this can be stopped if you listen to my plan for a peaceful way of stopping the bloodshed. Avoiding unnecessary conflict Peace Plan After the time of the Crusades that Pope Urban II is starting now,their are hundreds upon thousands of wars that occur.Even though these numbers are high, I plan to make these crusades never happen and thus stop some future wars in the process. The first thing you men need to accomplish is set up a meeting between The leaders of the Frankish soldiers as well as Saladin and his generals of the Muslim army. After you have gathered together these men you will then have a meeting that discusses the problems that you two face and a way to stop the Muslims from attacking the Christians. You will then propose a plan to get the Muslims to stop attacking by granting land or money,depending on what Saladin would prefer, to insure that they have a gain from this mediation. After Saladin has agreed to keep peace make a treaty with him to ensure peace in the future times. Effect of peace plan The peace plan will have an incredible impact on the history of the world.Because these Crusades will not take place Christians and Muslims will keep their peaceful nature towards each other and live in harmony. In future times the battle the Moros Muslims and the Filippino Christians in 1895 and the death of men will never happen and the world will be a more peaceful place without having another religious conflict.Because of this plan that I have created,we have made the future a more peaceful place for both Christians and Muslims alike.Their relationship will hold mainly in trade rather than battle and war,Thus creating a peaceful and civil between Christians in Europe,Jerusalem and all over the world. Pope Urban II's Speech Avoiding unnecessary conflict
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