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Different Types of Verbs

Day 3


on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Different Types of Verbs

Play Simon Says with the class.

Simon says..............

tap You just acted out action verbs. Can you name a few more actions verbs? Different Types of Verbs Objective: Today we will be able to identify different types of verbs.
Play verb rap

http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?v=AHyLqPspWR0 Averb shows action.

For example,
Read Every sentence has a verb that tells what the subject does or is.

For example, Mary went to the store.

The lion roared. A verb can describe a physical

For example,

The teacher taught the students how to multiply. A verb can describe a mental action.

For example,

She hopes this school year will be fun. Some verbs show that something exists.

For example,

I am happy. Check for Understanding:

Which sentence shows a state of being verb/something exists?

A. We are happy.

B. I think the play starts at 6:00pm.

C. The author wrote a book. Independent Practice Quietly work on worksheet provided. Guided Practice Give an example of a verb based on whether it is an action, mental, or something exists verb. For example, I might say Action Verb and my example might be jump. Action Verb Something Exists/State of Being Verb Action Verb Mental Verb State of being verb/something exists verb Mental Verb Assessment:

What is the state of being verb in this sentence?

I am happy today.

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