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International FFA Programs

No description

Amelia Woods

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of International FFA Programs

International FFA Programs
Madison, Amelia, Ashley, Kyla-Jo, Jay
Future Farmers of Canada
Created in 1932
1993 Already Two Chapters
1934 Seven Clubs, enrollment of 140 boys
Programs in recreation, agriculture, cultural improvement and health sanitation
Dr. H.B. Allen gave keynote for the 1938 US National Convention bringing greetings from the FFG
Future Farmers of Greece
1955 Future Farmers of Liberia
1955 Young Farmers of South Rhodesia
1955 Future Farmers of Israel
1957 Future Farmers of Iraq
Future Farmers of the Middle East
Philippines created 1953
Emblem includes: rising sun, plow, owl, crop and flag
Degrees of Membership
Greenhand, Chapter Farmer, District Farmer, Filipino Farmer, Master Filipino Farmer of the Year, Honorary Chapter Farmer, Honorary Filipino Farmer and Collegiate FFP
Future Farmers of the Philippines
Created in 1947
Creston, British Columbia first chapter of FFC
Tree, Plow, Maple Leaf and the Sun make up the FFC Crest
Three Degrees: Farmhand, Chapter Farmer and Provincial Farmer
Delegates sent to US National Convention in 1952 and 1953
Canadian Ambassador keynote at 1954 Convention

I believe in the future of farming and that life on a farm is both honorable and satisfying.
I believe that success in farming comes through a scientific attitude, efficiency, hard work and determination.
I believe in being a good citizen...honest and fair in all my dealings.
I believe in accepting responsibilities and doing my part in my home, school and community.
I believe that serving my country, helping others, and doing my best in my vocation will lead to a happier, fuller life.
Future Farmers of Australia created 1950s
State Convention held September of 1953
1955 American Samoa requested to establish FFA chapter
1956 Island of Guam established FFA

Future Farmers of Australia
Created in 1950 to improve agricultural education
Three Goals: Leadership, Social Character and Science Character
Dancing to open and close meetings
FFJ Emblem: Dove (peace), Rice (agriculture) and a mount Fiji (Japan)
19,000 Members
Future Farmers of Japan
Future Farmers of Central and
South America
Future Farmers of Panama established in 1955
1960 established Future Farmers of Peru
FFA manual translated into Spanish
1967 Future Farmers of Mexico, Columbia and Costa Rica
1970 World FFA Seminar
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