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Ella Fitzgerald

No description

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Ella Fitzgerald

She attended public school where she joined clubs like glee club.
This is where she first received her musical education.
When she moved in with her aunt she started skipping school.
Her actions sent her to a reform school where she didn't stay very long.
She decided to leave school and try to live on her own.
Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917 in Newport News, Virginia.
Her parents were William Fitzgerald and Temperance Fitzgerald.
In 1923 her half sister Frances was born.

When she was a little girl she would go to the Apollo Theater with her friends and watch performances.
Church also influenced her a lot providing her with her earliest experiences with music.
A huge influence on her was Constance Boswell aka Connee Boswell an American vocalist.
Effect on Harlem Renaissance
During the renaissance, she earned the title, "First Lady of Jazz"
She introduced her own unique way of mimicking instruments with her voice called "scatting" and it became her signature technique
Later Life
As she grew older, she began to have health issues and was in and out of the hospital
in 1986, she went in for congestive heart failure
1993- due to effects from her diabetes, she had to have both her legs amputated below the knee
on June 15, 1996, she died of heart failure at age 79 in her home in Beverly Hills, California
Ella Fitzgerald

She grew up in Yonkers, New York with her mom and her boyfriend.
The family struggled financially so Fitzgerald got a job as a messanger to help out.
Her mother died in 1932 when she was 15 years old.
She moved in with her aunt where things started to go down hill.
Her song "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" is in the Grammy Hall of Fame
She was the first African American woman to win a Grammy award and in her life won 13 Grammy awards
Has an NAACP Award for lifetime achievement
Has an honorary chairmanship of the Martin Luther King Foundation
By: Jasmine Jaciw & Anjelica Gaufo
Personal Life
Married to Benny Kornegay in 1941 for 2 years
Again in 1947 with the famous bass player, Ray Brown and adopted her half-sister, Francis' son and named him Ray Brown Jr.
The couple divorced in 1953
Ella had recorded over 200 albums and sold 40 million albums in her lifetime
Her entire singing career lasted 60 years
Sang with many incredible artists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, & Duke Ellington
Misty by Ella Fitzgerald live performance 1965
More Highlights
She won Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater
She had her final concert at Carnegie Hall in 1991.
She performed 26 times at Carnegie Hall.
Played the role of Maggie Jackson in the 1955 jazz film, Pete Kelly's Blues
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