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Meet the Teacher

No description

Erin Cline

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Cline

My husband, John, and I both grew up
in the Northeast Columbia community.
We both attended Richland Two schools.
Our daughter Merritt will be four in November.
My parents and younger brother also live in Columbia. My mom is a teacher at Blythewood High and my brother Colin is a senior at Blythewood High School. We have two Yorkies, Lucy and Shag. On the weekends our family enjoys cheering on the Carolina Gamecocks, relaxing by the pool and cooking out with family.
In 2009, I graduated from The
University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Early Childhood
Education. I have had the opportunity to work in many Richland 2 schools.
Smart Snacks
Thanks For Coming!
Scholastic Book Clubs
This year, the district will be using a Kindergarten report card which reflects the new and updated state standards. The report card is very detailed and should give you a very clear understanding of where your child is each quarter. First graders are assessed in the areas of math, reading and social skills.

M = Met
P= Progressing <80%
N = Not yet

First Grade
Report Card
Life Skill Alert
Activity Schedule
Would you like to volunteer?
4 Corners Homework Review
Box Tops
Mrs. Cline’s Schedule
All About
at BCE
Mrs. Cline
7:45 Students arrive/enter classroom
8:05 Morning news show
8:10 Morning Meeting
8:20 Writer’s Workshop (20 mins)
8:45 Reading Workshop
9:45 RTI
10:15 Centers
10:47 Lunch (Bathroom after lunch)
11:30 Recess
12:00 Science/Social Studies
12:25 Independent Reading
12:40 Math Workshop
1:40 Related Arts
2:25 Pack up/Afternoon meeting/Dismissal

My Family
Please wait until you have 20 box tops before sending them in. There will be a class contest to see which class can collect the most this year!

It is developmentally appropriate for a Kindergartener to be spending approximately 10 minutes a night on homework.

You will see math and reading within your child's homework each week.
In our classroom, I give students a great deal of positive reinforcement to assist students in staying on task and doing the right thing.

Students are expected to follow school and classroom procedures at all times
Parents will be contacted regarding their behavior when necessary

Growth Mindset VS
Fixed Mindset
The Richland Two Board of Trustees does not allow any form of bullying.
Bullying is unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.
Not every bad behavior is bullying. Bullying is a behavior that is sufficiently severe, and may often be repeatedly carried out over time.

Monday's Town Hall
During your students year in Kindergarten, they will be given 3 separate assessments to asses their progress.

-DRA...3 times a year
-EYCBM...3 times a year
-Map...3 times a year

By: George Ella Lyon
Back to school video
BCE Administration
Refer to wevideo on desktop
Will begin promptly at 8:00 AM
We will begin to leave the classroom at 7:45 AM.
This is an engaging time for your child that
you do not want them to miss.

Bag of Books.....Will be sent weekly....
Please return
Cougars Care
Care about work
I follow directions and procedures the first time.
I ask for help when needed.
I stay on task during work time.

Care about self
I use problem solving skills.
I solve small problems on my own.
I keep my eyes and ears on the speaker.

Care about others
I keep my hands and feet to my self.
I use kind words and actions.
I demonstrate that it is okay for others to be different.

Care about property
I use materials correctly.
I keep materials safe and neat.
I clean up after myself.

Will be reinforced during each aspect of our day.
Kindergarten Report Card
This year, the district will be using a Kindergarten
report card which reflects the new state standards.
The report card is very detailed and should give you a
very clear understanding of where your child is each quarter.
Kindergarteners are assessed in the areas of
math, reading and social skills.

M = Met
P= Progressing <80%
N = Not yet
Related Arts
Our classroom will go to related arts each day from 1:40- 2:20.

-Please make sure on P.E. weeks, your child wears appropriate shoes.

-Please make sure your child’s library book is in their book bag on Media weeks.

-Please bring an extra change of clothes for your child to keep at school.

-Check the classroom newsletter each Friday to
find out which related arts our class will have the following week!

Parent/ Teacher Communication
Communication Folders:
-Check nightly
-return each day

Email: ecline@richland2.org

Telephone: extension 32504
cell: 803-414-3168

Written Notes

We only accept 1 mode of transportation per child.
Change in transportation:
(1) a note for the teacher or
(2) call the office before 2:15
*No emails please.
**Please note: Changing transportation increases the safety risk for your student. It allows room for confusion to occur.
Children cannot be released after 2:15 per district procedure.
Walkers are unsupervised once they leave campus
Parent/ Teacher Conference
I will schedule parent conferences throughout the year
September and February (November and May if needed).

I will meet with every parent at the beginning & middle of the
school year Conferences will be scheduled before school, during my
planning time, and after school.

Sign up sheet today!

Field Trips
We will go on 2 field trips this year.
Field Trips we have gone in the past include:
1. Pumpkin Patch
2. Edventure
3. Zoo
4. Columbia Ballet

We have openings on our School Improvement
Council (SIC) this year. This is an excellent
opportunity to learn more about our school and to share your ideas. The SIC meets on Thursdays once a month
at 5:00pm. If you are interested in serving,
please let your child’s teacher know.

What is it?
Federal legislation mandating types of food given to
students during school (nutritional guidelines)
When is this applicable?
180 days of school
-Parents can provide ANY foods for their own child (only)
-Prohibits school, PTO, parents from providing food not meeting the nutritional guideline requirements to the entire class or other students.
-Federal Audits will occur
-If violations are founded, Richland Two could loose $7 Million in federal funding

How will Smart Snacks impact me?
You may provide any food items for your child only.

You (or the school) may not provide foods for other children or
the class unless the food item falls within the
Federal Nutritional Requirements (must be pre-approved by Mrs. Eubanks)

Suggestions- instead of cupcakes for birthdays, bring non-food
goodie bags or pencils for each child in the class

Interpreting the requirements...
The District is in contact with the USDA for specific guidelines, suggested food items, and food recommendations and practices that that meet the Smart Snacks Federal guideline requirements.

In an abundance of caution, until we hear otherwise, we will be unable to allow parents to provide any food items for students other than their own without pre-approval from Mrs. Eubanks.

The State Department will be asking for exemptions for SC.
As new information is shared, we will keep you informed.

BCE Video
Our PTO sponsors the following events and
several others:
Family Dance
Bingo with Grandparents
Painting with Moms
Game Night with Dads
Teacher Appreciation Week
Cougar Carnival
Please contact our PTO Volunteer Coordinator, Kenya Smith, at kenyasmith73@gmail.com to volunteer.

Mrs. Townsend
Good evening. My name is Mrs. Townsend. I have been with the district for 6 years.I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends. I am looking forward to working with you and your child. This will be an awesome year!
Questions or Comments
- How your child gets home
-Parent/ Teacher Conference
-Info sheet approval and who can pick my child up
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