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Claudia Davila

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Diabetes

Diabetes Mechanical Digestion
It is when you bite your food into particules for yourself Chemical Digestion
It is when your organism breaks food into particles with chemicals in your body Digestion
It is when you digest food after eating Absorption
It is when nutrient molecules in your body pass through the wall of your digestive system Pancreas What is the Pancreas?
The pancreas is a triangular organ tha lies the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. Where is it located?
The pancreas is located in the digestive system, that lies between the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. Is the pancreas a main organ?
Yes it is. What is it's job?
It produces enzymes that flow into the small intestine and helps break down starches, protien and fat Why is the pancreas located in the digestive system?
Because the enzymes that the pancreas produces that flow into the small intestine and helps break down starches,protien and fat How do you prevent diabetes?
You can prevent diabeties in many ways you can excersice you can have a balenced meal, play outside, do active stuff Digestive System Circulatory System
What is the Circulatory System?
The Circulatory System is all realted to about the blood, and how it helps the body's cells. What are the 3 main jobs of the blood?

1. Transporting Blood: It transport the new blood that has been pumped around the body.

2. Defending Wounds and Injuries: The blood cells go to the wound or infection and protect it by making sure the germs won't get in the injry and fight the infection or wound.

3. Temperature: It makes sure the body's blood temperature is regular becuase if the body temperature is not regukar, the body might change temperatures. Where do Mother Cells produce there cells?

In the bone marrow What are red and white blood cells?

Red Blood Cells: They are doughnut-shaped, round and with a flattened middle. Their shape allows them to squeeze easily through the small blood vessels without bursting. Red Blood Cells don'g have a nucleus.
What are the different types of diabetes?
Oe type is when your organism doesn't produce enough insuline, another is that your organism doesnt produce insulin at all and the third one is that your body doesn't respond to insulin correctly. White Blood Cells: They are incharge of fighting bacteria and taking care of wounds. They work as a team, when part of the white blood cells go to cure the wound and others fight the germs so that they won't infect the injury. what is Diabetes?
diabetes is the condition where the body can't produce insulin or can't use the insulin the body uses. What are the signs of diabetes?
. Flu Like Symptoms (not hungry, weak, tired), Weight Gain/Loss, Blurry Vision, Slow Healing of Injuries, Nerve Damage and Red Swollen Gums.
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