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Installation and cloud 9

No description

Hanna Thompson

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Installation and cloud 9

Hanna Thompson
The Evolution of Installation Art: Complete Visual and Emotional Immersion

departure from "retinal art"
asking, questioning the space and the objects
Marcel Duchamp
"Artwork that has been created specifically for a distinct space, containing not a group of objects (usually 3D) to be seen as individual pieces, but as an entire entity"
The spray painted shower curtains

My Process
Japanese/Zen Gardens
Kurt Schwitters
Ancient Cave Paintings
Marcel Duchamp pt. 2

Inside the clouds
The skeleton
Vincent Van Gogh Landscape From Saint-Remy
Jordi Iranzo, Stefanie Rittler, Nadine Kesting: Cumulus
Hayao Miyazaki: Studio Ghibli
Berndaunt Smilde
Mason Studio
Kohei Nawa
The Gutai Group
uses rock deformation
specific feelings
different pieces working together
Jim Hodges
parts working as one

whole house
both outdoors/indoors
parts of his body

made people question
and made people feel
"body art"
audience participation
Wire circles, together with tape
Extra cover over
hung at diarama view
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