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Milltown History

A review of the development of Milltown New Jersey

Barbara Wright

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Milltown History

Milltown, New Jersey
Jacob Bergen of Somerset buys the fulling mill. People begin calling this area
Bergen's Mill.
Jacob Bergen dies and his family resumes operation of the mill.
The mill ceases operation, apparently due to a fire. Christopher Meyer acquires the property and The Meyer Rubber Company is formed.
A fire destroys the factory and Meyer's home. John R. Ford finances a new factory under the name of Ford & Co.
A second fire again destroys the factory.

The factory is rebuilt and becomes known as The Ford Rubber Co.
Phillip Kuhlthau, the first of German immigrants, arrives in Milltown . German peasants are suffering from poverty and seek a new life in new surroundings. Kuhlthau is among those to flee after his village of Oberzell experiences great hardship. After three years of working at the rubber mill, he returns to Germany to tell of the opportunity that abounds in America, leading friends and family to Milltown.
Milltown Library Association organizes to make books available to the public. A great number of books written in German are purchased for the large German-speaking population.
Bergen's Mill gets its first school in town, called District 28.
July 4 - The first passenger train of the Raritan River Railroad Company, operating between New Brunswick and South Amboy via Milltown, is given its first run.
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