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IUPUI Thesis Deposit and Formatting Workshop

No description

ThesisOffice Purdue

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of IUPUI Thesis Deposit and Formatting Workshop

Consider using LaTeX

Used for typesetting documents. Very good for technical documents containing lots of mathematics.

Free and can be used on a wide range of computers and operating systems.

LaTeX puthesis template linked on our website

Very good for ENG & SCI

Most LaTeX ETD’s are quickly accepted

Be careful: LaTeX isn’t totally “error-proof”
Eliminate “blank pages” after abstract & appendices (these are NOT chapters)
Watch for dates, degrees, names, etc.
Avoid A4 setting when converting to PDF (Use LETTER setting)
If you have your thesis with you,
please review it as we go through
the next section

Download, complete, and turn in all required forms

Use only the forms on our website. These are the most current versions

Read all attached instructions

Cotton paper requirement has been eliminated

Print forms on regular white copier paper

Don’t print the instruction page!

Formal approval blocks on G.S. 9 Thesis Acceptance will be signed by either your committee chair or your IUPUI thesis format advisor (i.e. Valerie)
Required Forms
Copy/scan your thesis forms before your final deposit appointment with Valerie

Grad School Exit Questionnaire is not required for IUPUI students
You may need to complete a departmental or school questionnaire

Ph.D. candidates:
Complete your Survey of Earned Doctorates before your appointment
Bring in copies of your “certificate of completion” to your final appointment
You will not receive your thesis deposit receipt from Summer or Valerie until you provide them your “certificate of completion”

All ENGR Ph.D. dissertation formatting checks are handled by the ENGR department at West Lafayette. Please contact your department's graduate office at West Lafayette for more information and to arrange your formatting check

Other Items
Carefully review our online materials

75% of all discrepancies can be easily avoided

Watch the front and back sections!

Be meticulous & consistent

Plan ahead—especially if you need signatures from your committee members

Committee member not available to sign? We do permit “proxy signatures”

We need backup documentation to accompany the GS Form 9
We DO NOT allow one committee member to sign for everyone else!

Make sure your personal info on Title page, Abstract page, and forms ( your name, etc.) matches EXACTLY IUPUI Registrar and Grad School Records
Valerie's and Summer's candidates MUST receive clearance before submitting their ETD to ProQuest: You will be given 3 attempts at review. If you are unable to get approved 3 attempts you will be sent back to your advisor/department and may not graduate

Valerie & Summer notify West Lafayette when a student is approved

West Lafayette WILL NOT review IUPUI theses unless we receive notification of IUPUI clearance

Please work closely with your IUPUI contact

Only IUPUI Ph.D. candidates (excluding Clinical Psychology) will schedule long distance appointments with West Lafayette Office--they will not receive IUPUI clearance of formatting--they will go through the deposit process like a West Lafayette long distance depositor

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. candidates will work with Summer

Please route them through your IUPUI contact
IUPUI Thesis Format Reviews
Mary Harden
Research and Graduate Education
IUPUI-School of Science

980 Indiana Avenue, Lockfield Village (LV), Room 4412
Indianapolis, IN  46202

(317) 278-0214

IUPUI Contacts
Valerie Lim Diemer
Director, Graduate Programs & Admissions
IUPUI-Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Phone: (317) 278-4961
Fax: (317) 274-4567

IUPUI Contacts
Mark D. Jaeger

Thesis/Dissertation Assistant
Anne Lacy

Thesis/Dissertation Receptionist
Nancy Florence

B-80 Ernest C. Young Hall
155 S. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114

(765) 494-3231

Thesis/Dissertation Office
West Lafayette Thesis/Dissertation Office reviews ETD submission

Summer or Valerie receive list of accepted ETD submitters

Summer or Valerie e-mails Anna Proctor at Scholar Works a list of accepted ETD submitters

Candidate uploads their ETD to IUPUI ScholarWorks. If the student has any issue with their upload, they must contact Anna Proctor

IUPUI ScholarWorks ETD upload approval e-mail will be sent to Summer or Valerie

Summer or Valerie confirm ETD uploaded to IUPUI ScholarWorks is official Purdue submission

Upon confirmation, Summer or Valerie approve the upload. If not, they reject and inform candidate of the discrepancy (“cc” to Scholar Works)

Rejected Upload: Candidate receives instructional e-mail from Kristi on how to resubmit. Student uploads again and approval e-mail is sent to Summer or Valerie

Summer or Valerie confirm uploaded thesis is official Purdue version or rejects if it isn’t

Once student has been awarded their degree (M.S. or Ph.D.), names, departments, and grad dates go to Scholar Works who will "go live" with ETD

IUPUI ScholarWorks Process
If you are working with an IUPUI contact on your formatting, submit your ETD ONLY AFTER you have received their permission

Edits are normally not automatically allowed after acceptance

Electronic Thesis Deposit
General Information
Ensure preliminary pages are in correct order

Need to add an unusual page?
Example: “Epigram” (quote) page
Please contact us

Tables and Figures

Color may be used for all copies in either hard or electronic form

Tables must be understandable in a non-color context
We will show you some samples during the ETD demo
Avoid “widows and orphans”
Turn on your Widow Control in
Word or LaTeX

INCORRECT Top of page:

This paragraph (which carries over from the last page) ends here.

The next paragraph begins here. At least two lines of a paragraph must be together on a page. No single lines, please.

INCORRECT bottom of page:

At least two lines of a paragraph must be together on a page. No single lines, please. This paragraph ends here.

This paragraph begins here, but the rest is on the next page.

Also watch for “hanging headings”
at the bottoms of pages
Move these headings to the top of
the following page
University Format Requirements
Watch for MS Word automatic defaults

Commonly seen in page margins, page numbering, etc.

Pagination: All pages are numbered (except for “cover pages”)

Paginate in upper right-hand corner

University Format Requirements
Paper copies are no longer required except in cases of “confidentiality”
You are still responsible for hard copies to your department, committee members, etc.

Font/Font Size:
Use common fonts (e.g., 10-12 Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, etc.)

Be as consistent as possible

Variations for emphasis are permissible

Normally 1.5 or 2; single-spacing permitted for block quotes, long interviews, etc.

Writing Style: APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.

IMPORTANT: Purdue guidelines ALWAYS take precedence

University Format Requirements
Dr. Brian King

SL 160

LaTeX Software
Ensure all thesis copies are identical

Printing/binding may be done anywhere as long as it meets Purdue requirements

Check with Valerie and Summer for area printers

Boiler Copy Maker in West Lafayette is another option

You can order “long-distance” using your PDF file and by credit card

Engineering and SCI departments no longer require a hard copy of your bound thesis. Electronic files that have been officially approved are required instead.
University Procedures for Depositing Theses
Summer Layton
IUPUI Graduate Office

755 W. Michigan St., UL-1170
Indianapolis IN 46202-5195

(317) 274-1577

IUPUI Contacts

$90 Master's
$125 Ph.D.

The West Lafayette Bursar's Office will mail you a paper bill approximately 2 months after your successful thesis deposit--Please follow the payment instructions on the bill

Thesis/Dissertation Deposit Fee
Prelim pages are in “Roman numerals” (ii, iii, iv, v…..)

All others are in “Arabic” starting with “1” on first page of text

March 6 at 5 pm (ET):
Final Deposit Deadline for Exam Only and Degree Only registrants

May 1 at 5 pm (ET):
Final Deposit Deadline for General Candidacy (698 and 699) registrants


July 10 at 5 pm (ET): Final Deposit Deadline for Exam Only and Degree Only registrants
July 31 at 5 pm (ET): Final Deposit Deadline for General Candidacy (698 and 699) registrants

Your IUPUI contact or your department may have earlier deadlines than this! You are required to meet all departmental and regional campus deadlines

Even if you use the template correctly, you will have to make some manual adjustments

This is particularly common with top margins, page numbers, the Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, References section, Appendices section, and Vita section

The template guide has instructions for how to use the template and the templates with guide boxes offer additional tips -- if you don't like the guide boxes we offer versions without them

We do not support the use of our templates in versions of Word older than 2010, Pages, or LibreOffice
MS Word Thesis Template
If you have trouble with the template please first use the MS Word Template Guide on our site

If that does not solve your issue please search Microsoft's help pages:

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, email
with MS WORD TEMPLATE in the subject line

Please be as detailed as possible when describing your problem and consider sending a screen shot of your issue
MS Word Thesis Template
MS Word Thesis Template
Section Break: Next Page
Allows you to use a new margin on next page
You will need to use this to format your margins!

Page Break
Keeps the same margin style for the next page, and just moves texts to next page
The MS Word template is a little different when used on a MAC:
Use the version without guide boxes--you can refer to one with guide boxes as you format
You might not see any drop-down boxes--delete the visible label, and manually type in your information
Embedding Fonts and Converting to PDF
1) With your document open in Word, under ‘File’, choose ‘Print’
2) Click on the ‘PDF’ button in the lower left, choose ‘Save as PDF’
3) Make sure the file name you type ends in ‘.pdf’ and click ‘Save '
Figures or tables may shift if opened with a PC--we do not recommend switching between operating systems
Consider using TeamViewer to access a PC platform on your Mac:

MS Word Thesis Template
the three BEEs
and you’ll BEE fine
Don't wait until the last minute

If you're not ready a few days before
the deadline, consider depositing next term
The thesis deposit deadline is WHEN??!!
No page number but technically “i”

Use consistent spacing between “blocks” of text

Text centered between right and left margins

Margins are same as any other page

Name/title/degree must match
GS Form 30 & Abstract page

Date is graduation month/year (May, August, or December only)
Example: December 2014

Title page includes campus location

Write it out fully:
Indianapolis, Indiana

Center on the page

Non-English text is welcome

No heading is used

Always paginated “ii”

Not listed in Table of Contents

Center heading

Use 2" top margin

3 single spaced blank lines between heading and first line of text

Text spacing same as in main body of text (1.5 or 2)

Paginated in lowercase Roman numerals

Not listed in Table of Contents

Be consistent!

Avoid “dancing page numbers” on the right side

Avoid “Morse code” leader dots:
…. … . … …. --- . … . …

Add “Page” mini-header on any other pages in this section--these won't automatically populate

And please, don’t list your Table of Contents in your Table of Contents

Second page and all subsequent pages

Use 1" top margin

Include Page mini-header above page number column
but strongly recommended

Include same numbers/captions as found above tables in text

Add “Table” and “Page” mini-headers on subsequent pages--these won't automatically populate

but strongly recommended

Include same numbers/captions as found above tables in text

Add “Table” and “Page” mini-headers on subsequent pages--these won't automatically populate

but strongly recommended

Similar to List of Tables

Include same numbers/captions as found above tables in text

Allow 1 inch top margin on subsequent page(s)

Add “Figure” and “Page” mini-headers on subsequent pages--these won't automatically populate

You may condense captions in your Lists of Tables and List of Figures if they are very long


Treated as major heading pages

If glossaries are 2+ pages, they may be placed in the back between notes and bibliography

Most candidates place these sections at the beginning for convenience and to identify terms “up-front”


Placed immediately after ABSTRACT and given Roman numeral pagination

Can also be placed after VITA and given Arabic pagination

Always preceded by a cover page

Scans of original publications may be used

Must be legible and meet all other format requirements (e.g., meet the left-hand margin)

Want to use articles as chapters?
Please check with us first!

General policy: keep formatting identical to Purdue’s requirements

Must be consistently organized

First chapter always starts at 1

Watch your numbering: 1 might accidentally appear on two pages

Check for blank lines at the tops of pages and check your MS Word point spacing in “Page Layout”

Ensure major/chapter headings are consistent (i.e., 2 inches from top, all caps, centered, etc.)

Text always starts 3 single-space lines below major heading

Use all caps on major /chapter headings
Name/title/degree/date must match GS Form 30 & Title page

Don’t use all caps on your title or put it in quotation marks

Titles/departments of major professor(s) not required since they’re “understood”

Some departments do require additional professor information

Don’t include images, tables or figures in this section

No limit on length, but brevity is a virtue

See Appendix F in the manual for spacing/setup

Use facing or oversize pages for very large tables/figures -- keep captions in same direction as figures/tables they describe

You can split your tables/figures between pages as needed

For facing pages:
These are always on the right and, in portrait, bottom always faces right
Does not face toward binding side -- reverse page margins &place your page number in opposite corner

For landscape pages: If you turned your landscape page up like a portrait page, the page number should be in the same place as portrait page number

Questions? Email us.
Color may be used for all copies in either hard or electronic form

Tables must be understandable in a non-color context

If included as a section:
Treat as a major division/chapter-style heading
Preceded by cover page (which isn't numbered nor counted)
Make sure cover page and heading match

If included as part of a chapter:
Treat as a first-order subdivision

Organize it in consistent manner (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

Avoid having an entry split between two pages--move the entire entry to the top of the second page

Avoid inconsistent spacing in and between entries

On page 2 and all subsequent pages use a 1" top margin

Don't let a reference entry be split between two pages--if one of your entries appears on two pages: push down the entire entry so it appears all together on the second page

Preceded by “cover page” neither numbered nor counted

Internal cover pages are numbered/counted

You may adjust right, top & bottom margins to fit tables, figures, and text, but left margin is always 1.5

Watch the placement of your heading(s)!

Major division heading (one appendix at end of thesis)
First order subdivisions (multiple appendices at end of thesis)
Always “letter” your multiple appendices rather than “number” them (e.g., A, B, C, D, etc.)

Be consistent

If included after chapters:
treat as first order subdivisions

If included at end:
treat as major division

Footnotes should be kept together on same page

May be single-spaced and in 10 point font

You may adjust bottom margin if necessary

for Ph.D.
for Master's

Preceded by cover page
Treated as major division

Heading will always be VITA, regardless of the style of your text

Content of VITA determined by department needs

Do not include photographs or creative formatting

Keep your text/spacing similar to what’s in main text

for PhD
for Master's

Avoid "fancy formatting"
Not numbered or counted

Not included in Table of Contents

Same margins as other pages

Use same the font and font size you use in the rest of the document

Center the heading on the page vertically as well as horizontally

Use for references, appendices, vita, publication, etc.

You may find it easier to add the page in after you've converted to PDF


Check the formatting of your document using both:
Sample thesis pages
Formatting checklist

Both are available on the Templates & Guidance page our site

Updated 2/12/2015
Deadline dates for Spring 2015
Sherrie Tucker
Assistant to the Chair
IUPUI, Electrical and Computer Engineering

SL 160B

(317) 278-9726

IUPUI Contacts
Don't wait until
the last minute
698 and 699 Registrant Deadline
Exam/Degree Only Registrant Deadline
Number of Deposit Appointments by Week

Using your signed GS Form 9 as a guide, type the names of your committee members and department head on the appropriate lines

Then print it, scan it & attach it to the front of your thesis as a cover page

It goes before your Title page

NO other forms should be attached to your electronic thesis
Get this signed by all members of your committee & your department head.

If your department has a Departmental Thesis Format Advisor s/he should sign, too

Don't have a Departmental Thesis Format Advisor?
Have your major professor sign the Format Approved By line
as Chair, Final Examining Committee

Bring form to your deposit appointment

Don't confuse it with GS Form 30 (formerly called ETD Form 9)
and don't attach it to your electronic thesis
Bring this to your final deposit appointment

Don't attach it to your electronic thesis or to hard copies of your thesis

Your major professor must sign Section 3 after completing a review of the thesis using the iThenticate plagiarism detection program

Your major professor needs to sign in Section 2 only if you are requesting a
delay of publication
If you are using this form, bring it to your deposit appointment

Request for Confidentiality of Thesis
Confidentiality and Delay of Publication
These are two distinct programs

thesis remains at Graduate School and is not transmitted to ProQuest until released
thesis (including abstract and citation information) are unavailable for viewing
Commonly used when applying for patents, for pending publications, or when proprietary rights are involved

Delay of Publication
thesis is transmitted to ProQuest
ProQuest makes abstract and citation information available, but does not publish thesis until delay period is over
Commonly used when applying for patents, for pending publications, or when proprietary rights are involved

These can be used individually or together
Title Abbreviation Form
Required for titles over 200 characters in length

If you are using this form, bring it to your deposit appointment
Electronic Thesis Deposit
eposit) is mandatory

GS Form 9 must be signed by all committee members & department head before ETD can be submitted -- do not post-date your forms

ETD link:

Be careful when creating your ProQuest account--some of their extra services require payment--if you pay for something you don't actually want, you will need our assistance to request refunds & this process could take several weeks

We don't review partially complete submission
Use Letter (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) setting -- Avoid A4
Check EVERYTHING after you convert

ProQuest recommends the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Don’t have it? A free 30-day trial version is available from Adobe
for Windows and Mac OS

Be careful when inserting image files into your document

Embed your Word text to ensure correct appearance of text, equations, and avoid rejection by the ETD submission website (see MS Word Template Guide for embedding instructions)

Use of Adobe Acrobat is recommended by ProQuest
Electronic Thesis Deposit
After you submit the ETD, we'll review it and then send you an email (to the email account you registered with ProQuest)
The email will either say you are approved or ask for corrections
If we ask for corrections, make all the changes, carefully check your document, and resubmit. Then check your email again. The process repeats until your thesis is approved

Your document will appear online through ProQuest approximately 5-6 months after commencement (appearance in e-Pubs will take a bit longer)

Request a copy of GS Form 37, have it signed and approved (by major professor, department head & graduate school), and pay $200 Late Graduation Fee*
*Fee can potentially be appealed using GS Form 38, found here:
Electronic Thesis Deposit
The copyright-holder must give you tangible permission in the form of an email, letter, or contract

Upload permissions as supplemental PDF files when you submit your thesis

You will need authorization to use your own material if you signed over your copyright to a journal

Failure to attach permission(s) could result in unauthorized material being expunged by ProQuest or they may decline to publish the entire thesis

Electronic Thesis Deposit
The only form that gets attached to the electronic thesis deposit
is GS Form 30 (formerly called ETD Form 9)
Don't confuse it with GS Form 9--they have a similar appearance
TYPE your committee members' and department head's names on GS Form 30. Then print it, scan it & attach it to your thesis
Don’t include GS Form 32 with your ETD submission or with any hard copies--hand it in at your deposit appointment
The publication delay info you give ProQuest must match the info you give us on your GS Form 32
Don’t confuse confidentiality with delay of publication
If you're unsure which you need, talk to your major professor or our office

Electronic Thesis Deposit
At IUPUI, only Ph.D. candidates (excluding Clinical Psychology) need to schedule appointments with the West Lafayette Thesis Office
For a
long distance deposit
we must have all your forms BEFORE your scheduled appointment time
Long distance depositors must submit their electronic thesis document before their scheduled appointment time just like any other depositor
If all your documents have been received and electronic thesis document is approved, at your appointment time we'll email you a Thesis Deposit Receipt (GS Form 16) & that will be your whole appointment--no need for a call
Please use the Deposit Checklist available on our website--it outlines the process in detail
Failure to meet deadlines will result in removal from the grad list

Deposit Appointments
Call or email us
(765) 494-3231
iThenticate Plagiarism Screening
See the full transcript