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Sailor Moon

Do you really Know Sailor Moon?

Katrina Hanson

on 23 December 2010

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Transcript of Sailor Moon

is the princess of the moon kingdom. Her mother Queen serenity sent Sailor Moon and the others to the future for a more peaceful life.Only Once again was the now named Serina woken from her lost memory of the moon life and is leader of the sailor seshi! Sailor Moon
Moon Crisis Transformation Sailor Mars
is the princess of Mars. She has the power of fire and is phsycic. Her name when she was sent to the future is Rei Heino. She is the priestess of a very important shrine. Rei is a very ill tempered girl who cares for her friends no matter how much they fight. Neo Sailor Mars Sailor Venus
is the protector of love.
Her most famous attck is Venus love chain in circles. She is hosting one of 2 guardian cats; Atrimis while Sailor moon is hosting Luna. She i just as spunky as Sailor moon and is passiante as anybody. She loves volleyball and the spotlight but will defend anyone. Sailor Mercury
is the bookworm. She controls the water of mist and frozen waters. She is a little more shy and thinks everything deserves logic. Ok not all are listed just a few watch the show to learn more!!!
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