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Muscles Of Facial Expression

No description

Eran Farrow

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Muscles Of Facial Expression

Occipital Belly
(Occipitalis) Ladies And Gentlemen Occipital Frontalis with Grocho Marx! It's Your Scalp! Draws Scalp Anteriorly Superior
to the SupraorbitalMargin Frontal Belly (Frontalis) Occipito Frontalis Muscles
Facial Expression (Scalp and Mouth) Orbicularis oris It's the Tightener! Originates
At The
Corner Of
The Mouth Draws Scalp Posteriorly Closes And Protrudes Lips Westley Oris Prince Charming! Zygomaticus Major It's Cheeky! Lateral Surface of the Zygomatic Bone;
Meets with Oris Raises The Corner Of The Mouth Automatic Zygomatic Smile Poise or it's angled Zygomaticus Minor Levator Labii Superioris Depressor Labii Inferioris It's a Vintage Villains' Moustache! Anterolateral surface of the Zygomatic bone near the Maxillary Suture Raises the Upper Lip Small Time Zygomatic Starlet Anterior surface of the Maxilla and Zygomatic bone; Just below the orbit. Raises the upper lip, wrinkles the nose & stretches the nasal wing upward With A Rebel Labii, I cried Levator No if, and or Butt Chins about it! Oblique line between the Mental Foramen and the Midline Pulls the Lower Lip Downward Depression or it's Anguli? Depressor Anguli Oris Ethel stop the second rate Labii It turns your goatee upside down! Attaches to the Mental Tubercle and Oblique line of the Mandible Pulls the angle of the Mouth downward It's around the Nose, I suppose! It's The Stiff Upper Lip! Levator Anguli Oris Maxilla: superior to the Infraorbital Foramen Draws Angle of mouth Laterally and Superiorly Buccinator Risorius Mentalis Platysma It's Almost Dimples! Alveolar Process of the Maxilla and Mandible Presses cheek against teeth and lips Debonaire Bucinare It's The Stately Gentleman Fascia
(connective tissue)
over Parotid Gland Draws angle of mouth laterally Risorius Smorious Mentalis Paralysis It's All Ends and Chins Front portion
of the
Mandible Elevates and protrudes lower lip Dream on fantasma Platysma Heck, it's your neck! Fascia over Deltoid and Pectoralis blends with Mandible/Lower Lip Draws outer lower lip inferiorly and prosteriorly;
depresses Mandible Doctor known as MD on the Down Low because the RiZZy L-Lobo is OP!
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