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Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Mack Ascanio

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Managing a Global Team: Greg James at
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Commonwealth - Team 11 - October 3rd
Prof. Jamie Millard

Stanford University Network (SUN).
Provided IT Solutions and open source technology,
Follow the sun Policy & Rule of 11.
HS Holdings server went down for 2 hours affecting the whole system.
Premium annual service contract worth $300K.
Conduct multiple all-teams meetings to increase communication and interaction among teams.

Keep customer's and employee's contact info up-to-date.

Create and practice contingency plans
to address issues in a faster solution.
Conclusions & Recommended actions
Global Team Manangement
India team
Felt second-class citizens.
Fewer agenda items.
Concerns always reviewed last.
Working schedule, 6:30 IST.
Not involved in innovative jobs.
Dubai team
Believed to be disconnected
Feared to be deemed incompetent.
Missing deadlines for cultural reasons.
Worked at two paces.
France team
Salary was 30% less than american peers.
Schedule is unpredictable.
50-hours weekly schedule
USA team
Less vacations than french peers.
Work load poorly distributed.
Work closer to customer.
Immediate response for regional problems.
Diverse and multitalented teams.
Provide service 24/7 worldwide.
Different time zones.
Salary gap.
Differences in labor legislation.
Cultural discrepancy and work approach.
Leadership plays a more crucial role.
Lower costs.
Improved resource utilization.
Competitive market.
Collateral damage - lawsuits
Mismanagement resulting in team disagreements.
Team 8! We want your review!
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