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Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

No description

Ronnie Greenberg

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

Sebastian Cermeno Sebastians History:

Sebastian Cermeno lived around the late 1500's to the early 1600's. Cermeno lived in Portugal, Spain and became a skilled navigator and a pilot for ships hired by Spain. Why Cermeno explored California:

The reason why Cermeno wanted to explore California was because he and Spain wanted to find safe harbor near California's bays.
Cermeno’s Journey:

Young Sebastian left Acapulco, Mexico on March, 1594 with a small fleet. When he finished crossing the Manila he got a new ship and named it San Augstin. When he returned, his ship was very heavy because he had permission to take some goods for himself and other cargo. The San Augstin left the Manila on July 5, 1595, in the middle of his journey Cermeno was caught in a storm with his crew, he decided to return back to Acapulco but then he changed his mind and started heading toward to the coast of California (near today's present Point Reyes.) After settling down there Cermeno named the place “La Baya De San Francisco.“ He made a camp on the beach and went to explore for a while. Sebastian's Obstacles:

On November 30, I595 a big storm hit Cermeno’s ship and blew it to pieces, the storm was so enormous I2 men were lost in the wreck. Accomplishments :

Some of Cermeno’s accomplishments were:
creating charts of the coast which were more accurate than Vizcaino’s, these charts were more accurate because they described many points like Monterey Bay. Cermeno also crossed the Manila and as a reward he got a new ship.
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