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Physic 2

No description

Tuan Tran

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Physic 2

Sterilization In Medical So...what is sterilization? How did they do that? How is sterilization works? DisadvantageS
undesirable flavor
Disrupt polymer structure

Destroy organisms that cause rotting
Can be stored for years.
Destroys disease causing bacteria
Able to penetrate through the products
Heat sensitive product can be sterilized
Fast The sterilization process involving Gamma radiation Physic: sterilization : a process of making something completely clean and free from bacteria

How many of you know how clean is your pencil case, your tablet or your P.E kits?
Whatever answer is there are still certain types of bacteria stay up with you all day! However, the scientist have fond out a way to clean things at the high cleanness level which is sterilize it. Yes Sterilization!

Now I will lead you to how is sterilization works and which country, places is currently using it.

So what is sterilization
Sterilization of medical instruments and food is another common application of gamma radiation. The process involving placed the object to be sterilize under a concentrated beam of radiation and microorganisms that cause contamination and diseases will be neutralize. The object after being sterilization will be safe to handle and use normally because there will be no left-over radiation.

How did they do that? How is sterilization works?
Details method with picture:
1.Firstly the product will come to the sterilization zone in package (see picture)
2.store in a none radioactive area and wait for schedule
3.Transfer to aluminum boxes and then those boxes will be move to the processing chamber which contain the gamma radiation source
4.the control system room will control the radioactive source and the movement of rod to the plant
5.the level of radioactivity on the product will be measure from a dose simulator which inserted with the product when going to the processing chamber
6.obtain legal certificate from the health departments and ready to ship

Damaged the material
Use radioactive source
Environmental unfriendly
Safety issues from the public

Other types of sterilization methods
Isotron Ethylene Oxide
Electron beam sterilization

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Environmental Impacts and Economic Impacts
- The heat comes out from sterilization is not enough to damange the environment
- Different from other sterilization method (poison gas...), gamma radiation does not leave residue behind.
No residue= no waste= no pollution
- $ 1-5 million
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