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How to investigate what goes right?

No description

David van Valkenburg

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of How to investigate what goes right?

How to investigate what goes right?
Ensuring that things go right
Presence of capabilities
Everyday goal conflicts
Take-home message
Ensuring that things don't go wrong
Absence of negatives
Accident signs
Frequency vs. severity
Human as solution;
Actions, no inactions;
Goals, resources and constraints;
Role organisational elements;
Adjustments and performance.

Performance adjustments
Safety I foundation
Example WAI-WAD
David van Valkenburg
IADC 2014

Safety I
Safety II
Safety II foundation
Start to learn from what people do and why;
presence of capabilities
In practice
"Manage growth while meeting demands"
Ref White Paper Eurocontrol, 2013
Ref White Paper Eurocontrol, 2013
Ref: Six Simple Rules, 2014
Ref: Hollnagel, 2014
Adapted from Hollnagel
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