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Engage Deo Sprays

No description

Lavanya Trehan

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Engage Deo Sprays

Store Allotted: Big Bazaar Gurgaon
"2 Same-Deos Scheme" at Big Bazaar
Stock of Men Deos not replenished well at the store
Customers not lured to scratch card offer
"Variant Combos" not available
Unimpressive Footfall
Due to non-availability of Rs.300 variant combos, customers are unwilling to buy same-deo combos, hence, scratch card sale is very low.
Getting 1 more variant or getting an immediate cash discount are much more attractive than the scratch card offer.
Sending an SMS to avail the offer is taken as unnecessary effort and so, they try avoiding that.
"Buy 2 same Engage Deos and save Rs. 50/-" is a 2 month old scheme of big bazaar.
Still running due to unfinished stock.
Not attractive to customers due to absence of variants.
Major stock of this combo present at floor pulling down sales at the store.
Not all variants of female deos present.
Combos with different variants not available.
Hence, benefit of having 2 different variants of engage at Rs.300 along with winning an assured gift through scratch cards does not reach the customers at this store.
This reduces the Scratch card sales massively.
Challenges and Suggestions
Lavanya Trehan

Engage Deo Sprays
India's first Couple Deodorant Spray- Promoting "Playful Chemistry- launched: May 2013.
Provides 24 hour freshness and available in 6 variants or 3 pairs of variants for men and women.
Recording Consumer Behavior in selecting a brand of deodorant.
Accentuating Sales with the help of a Promoter.
Recording problems incurred while selling and marketing the product in the particular store assigned to them.
Suggesting solutions for such problems.
Educating the Promoter about new changes made to the Product and its marketing strategies.
Men Variants of Engage Deodorants (Mate, Jump, Frost, Urge and Rush) are not replenished at regular intervals. Often, only 1-2 variants are at present at floor.
Unimpressive Footfal at Big Bazaar Ambience Mall Gurgaon during weekdays.
Improved during Weekends, but still meager.
One small section given to all variants of Deodorants, no separate counter for Engage.
Shelf space divided into a plethora of products including powders and shaving gels.
Scheme: 2 different variants of deodorants 150ml each at Rs. 300 (Save Rs. 50).
"Buy 2 Variants, Get 1 Free" for Rs.299. (Save Rs. 51)
"Buy 2 Variants Get 1 Free" 150 ml each for Rs 250.
"Variant combos" must be made available at BB, Ambience Mall as soon as possible.
Greater floor space to personal care products = greater shelf space for Engage.
Availability of all variants of Men and Women must be insured at all times
Useful Insights and Facts
Men's Engage sell more than the Female.
Blue and Yellow variants in both Men and Women sell the most
Singles sell way more than the doubles at this store. Weekend sale of Singles is 20-25 whereas doubles is hardly 1-2.
Many people are still loyal to their old brands like AXE and Old Spice, hesitate trying Engage- a new product.
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