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7 habits

No description

jason yapp

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 7 habits

7 habits proactive proactive is thinking of ways to slove your own problems. Not blaming other people for what you have done. begin with the end in mind put first things first begin with the end in mind means to think of what the end is going to be like not just thinking of the begining. put first things first means that like put the more important things first, like homework due tomrrow. think win win think win win is that both people get what they want and fairly. seek first things first then to be understood. first to undertand the propblem that the person is telling you then you can say what you want to say. listen with your eyes and your heart. synergize. synergize means everyone works together. not just one person does everything. and everyone has diffrent talents and can do diffrent things. sharpen the saw means work with your mind heart and soul. my favourite is synergize because i play lots of sports and i like lots of team work
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