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State report : Illinois

This is my report on Illinois

cassie day

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of State report : Illinois

Illinois State Symbols: Chicago
Lincoln Bird: Cardinal

Mineral: Fluorite

State capital:
SpringField Places of interest: Chicago:

3rd most populous state

Founded 1833

The first skyscaper 1885

nickednamed "Wndy city"

Home most politicans Lincoln: kfoxmgfmpg Lincoln:

Named August 27th 1853

Abramham Lincoln informal ceremony of baptisim

Lincoln Heritage museum

3 foot replica of the real statue in Washington Niles:

Founded in


eisaohfdsiohgdsifhds Niles:

Founded in 1827

Population only 500 people

2010 population 29,803

Notalbe landmark called the leaning tower of Niles.

One half scale of real on in Italy Famous person:

Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan:

Born on Ronald Reagan Early life:

Born on Feb. 6th 1911 in Tampico, Illinois

Grew up in Dixon, Illimois

Attended Eurecka College

After college got hired into a talk show host

1937 he got a starring role in the movie" Love is in the air."

End of 1938 starred in 19 movies

MArried to JAme Wyman Political career:

Started his political career in 1967

Reagan was intereted in Career (political):

Started his political career in 1967 as governer of CA.

Interest in running for pesident in 1975 and ran for president in 1976.

Running againist Gerald Ford.

He won NC., Texas and CA.

In 1980 he won againist Jimmy Carter.

He was the oldest president elected in history of the USA. State Events:
Great Chicago Fire
First nuclear Chain Reaction
History of the Ferris Wheel Great Chicago Fire:

Happened on October 10, 1871.

Killed over 300 people.

10,000 were left homless.

17,500 building were destroyed.

Cause was a farmer's cow kicked over a lamp post and it started the fire.

One of the few that were not destroyed were the Water Tower. First Nuclear chain reaction:

Happened in Chicago, Illinois.

Took place on Dec. 2nd 1942 in Chicago Universty.

Nuclear chain reaction mostly made of Uranium

Although the reactor can make light also can make atomic bombs

Important because helps nuclear power plant give light. Histroy Ferris Wheel:

First made and opened to the public June 21st 1893 in Chicago.

Founder was George Washington Gale Ferris Jr.

71 tons ( 89,320), 45.5 foot axle, and it can hold 60 people.

In 1894 they dismantled it and reb History of the Ferris wheel:

Made on June 21st 1893

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr.

Built in Chicago

Wheel rotated on a 45.5 axle, weighed 89,320, 16 foot diameter

Got dismantled twice, once for the world fair and two for the famous Lincoln Park

Got destroyed on May 11th 1905 LIst of Resources:

Title: World Book

Title: Illinois
Author: Kathy P. Anderson
Year: 1993

Title: Illinois
website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illinois

Title: List of cities in Illinois
Website: en.wikipedia.org/list-of-cities-in-Illionois

Title: The Great Chicago Fire
Website: http://library.thinkquest/CROR15/fire/htm
Author: Oracle

Title: Ilinois History
Website: www.total-sga.org/ill.htm Thanks for watching!!!! State seal State flag White Oak Blue violet
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