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What...a prick??

The Demand for Alternative Medicine & the Role of Health Care Reform

Mariam Beard

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of What...a prick??

The Demand for Alternative Medicine
& the Role of Health Insurance Reform What...a prick?? Why Acupuncture? Entrepreneurship & International Business Multi-disciplinary approach Business Theory --> Business into Practice
Graduate School Interest in Alternative Medicine
Previous exposure to acupuncture
Curiosity of Hawaii residents acceptance/rejection
What is the market
for alternative medicine, specifically acupuncture, within Hawai’i?

What is the role of health insurance in driving demand for alternative medicine within Hawai’i?
Field Research Surveys Short 5-10 question surveys
Given to: 100 people
Purpose: understand general demand for alternative medicine & general mentality for health insurance reform's role in choosing health care Interviews Pro-Alternative Medicine individuals
Pro-Western Medicine individuals
Licensed Acupuncturists within Hawaii
Insurance Provider: HMSA
Field Research Personnel (licensed acupuncturists)
Technology (electromagnetic therapy)
Finances (start-up)
Distribution (clinic, home services, etc.)
Promotion (advertising)
Services (pain relief, cosmetic)
Schools (on-island? China)
Licensing EXPECTED Findings Positive Holistic approach
Less chemicals
Less initial cost
Personal conviction
Less side effects Negative Lacks full approval of Western medicine
Costs (insurance) SIGNIFICANCE Health Care Reform
HealthCareReform.gov to make insurance affordable for all
President Obama
Potential full-choice reform
Conclusion Acupuncture within Hawai'i be feasible due to its location & blending of cultures (Western-Asian) within the crossroads of the Pacific will What's Next? Business Plan competition in April 2011 through Shidler College of Business THANK YOU.
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