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Timeline of World War II European Theatre

A guide through World War II

Jason Latham

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Timeline of World War II European Theatre

World War II timeline of the European Theatre
The major players
The Axis and Allies Powers

Axis Allies
Germany United States
Italy Great Britian
Japan Soviet Union
1940 Sept. 1, Germany invades Poland
Sept. 3, France, and Great Britian declare war on Germany
Jan - June, Germany Captures Belgium, Holland and France
July 10 - Dec 10, The Battle of Britian
Sept. 27, Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartite pact 1941
March 11, US begins Lend - Lease. At this point we are in a undeclared war.
June 22, Germany begins Operation Barbarossa (attacks Soviet Union)
Aug. 14, Atlantic charter signed (US/GB)
Dec 11, Germany Declares War on US

1942 Sept. 13, Battle of Stalingrad
Lasts through Feb 1943
Nov. 8, Operation Torch
The Allies open a second front in Mediterranean
The Soviet Union felt this was delayed intentionally
Italians surrendered quickly
Germans put up a bitter fight

1943 Feb. 2, Battle of Stalingrad ends
First major defeat of the German Army
Turns the tide on the Eastern Front 1944 June 6, D-day Invasion (Operation Overlord)
Opens the long awaited 3rd front after three years of planning.
Dec 16 - Jan 25, Battle of the Bulge
The last German offensive
A desperate attempt to break the Western Allied front in half
The beginning of the end for the Nazis.
1945 May 7
Unconditional surrender of all German Forces
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