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Summary on "First Crossing Chapter"

No description

Michael Martinez

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Summary on "First Crossing Chapter"

Summary on "First Crossing Chapter"
It started when 'Marco' the boy was in downtown Tijuana, Mexico and was heading to the "coyote's house." The coyote were the ones that got paid to illegally bring immigrants to the United States. Marco and his father were going to go to the U.S to live the "American Dream."
One boy named "Marco" gets too many tries going to the U.S risking himself back to Mexico. He does many attempts before crossing successfully. When he crosses he waits in a room with families and watch movies that make him remember stuff while he's crossing. He talks with an inspirational person he meets while waiting for his turn to cross. When he's crossing he experiences an almost fainting condition next to the car radiator.

At the end Marco and his father were crossing. Then the car Stops, but then they keep going. Earlier, "El coyote said it was "Game night" it meant the american football team were playing so that's why they were dressed in "Charger" uniforms. They stopped again and this time they got off. Marco's dad said to keep walking and not look back. When they've made it they hugged then said, "We did it!"

My opinion
This inspired me a lot because I know many from my cousin's family and many others from around trying to come here for a better life. This inspired me because this shows how other people value what they really need; but we have and we dont really evaluate it. I think this story was meant to show "us" how hard it is to change someone's life. I gotta say this has been the first book that has inspired me the most because it shows bravery; and determination to get from one place to another and not giving up until they'd done it.
-Michael martinez
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