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Global Engagement Presentation

No description

To Bensen

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Global Engagement Presentation

Why Change?
What do we
need to do?

What is


What's the process for
the Global Engagement

We have globally decided that we need to catalyse
a billion acts of courage.
If we want to win the defining battles of our time we need
radical change

This means changing the way we work.
We can’t win campaigns through the efforts of Greenpeace staff alone
Our supporters are our most valuable campaigning resource
Meeting supporters engagement expectations improves supporter loyalty and organisational income
Integrated campaigning, fundraising, communications, mobilisation, digital, volunteers....and
every supporter focused function to reach 1 billion acts of courage/rebellion

that starts from
understanding each supporter
so we can build as strong a
as possible with them, share with them a different story to make sense of the world and
support and encourage
them to take action for that better world.

Engagement is a way of thinking
and working...
Aren't we already
doing this?

Increase Engagement
many more people
to act with us
Make sure we are
the right people
supporters at the center
, not us/our campaign
Find ways to
increase and deepen
supporter engagement
Work more with
allies and networks
inspiring messages and a vision
for the future that compels people to act
Change our campaigning to be more
open source
Create a contagion of action that spreads like ripples on a pond

Find MANY more people to act with us!
Campaigns, Fundraising, Comms, Digital, Volunteers all aligned with a shared vision
So we need to...
Go beyond "preaching to the choir" and get our issues mainstream
Learn to understand and target new audiences
Develop messages that appeal to a broader audience than we have had in the past
Put those messages in the right mix of channels
Understand and overcome some of the off-ramps to engaging with Greenpeace
Make best use of key influencers and celebrities
Set ambitious goals

Requires trust, collaboration, compromise from all groups
Where We
Are Now

A supporter is
viewed and communicated
to as...
A clicktivist
A donor
An audience
A petition signatory
A volunteer
A major donor
A cyberactivist
When really...
petition signatory
major donor
One Supporter
The way we work is equally segmented...
Our strategies are focused around how to get what we want from supporters rather than on a
We communicate
campaign spikes
and don't put as much energy into communicating the
bigger story
Work with more allies and networks
Put supporters at the centre
Create inspiring messages and a vision
that inspires people to act
Find ways to increase and
deepen engagement
Change our campaigning to be more open source
Create a contagion of action that spreads like ripples on a pond
What can we
do right now?

In Action
Save The Arctic
Over 6M signed, almost 1M new supporters recruited
Lego petition and video set new records for GP
Relationships & support... Over 1000 political and civil society leaders supporting Arctic Declaration (including 37 organisations)
Developing alliances with Indigenous Arctic communities/leaders
Diverse ambassadors for the cause: youth, music, faith, science, theatre, arts, fashion, political, Indigenous representatives
Greenpeace Canada
Some more
examples providing tools, resources, information, and in some cases training to anyone who wants to get involved
Grassroots led petition site in India
Detox Campaign Report
Finding new audiences at Games Summit
For even more...

Mobilisation Lab

Since we can't turn Homer Simpson into Al Gore we need to find...
We want to
with more groups, networks and organisations in order to
reach more people
create more change
Tailor our communications
to our supporters personal motivations, values, and life stage
one relationship
with our supporter, not many competing relationships

Make it a

more than just campaign spikes
, discuss root causes
Give audience an
alternative vision
that makes them feel hopeful about the future
Use the
best in storytelling
and emotive communication to make our message impactful
But we need MORE breadth and depth to
create the massive changes we seek.
The Campaign
Actions &
The New Campaign Team Model
Within 4 different strategies
Global Communication Strategy
Global Growth Strategy
Digital Strategy
Mobilisation Strategy
and also
...a ten fold increase in supporters them to do more!
The collective skills and talents among millions of supporters is far greater than anything our staff can produce
Open Source Mapping Project
Changing first engagement to be more
vs donor-centric
Leading up to 2015 we are...

Working with offices that have already started to develop their own NRO Engagement Plans
Collecting best practice engagement examples from the GP World
Identifying pilot projects we'd love to see tested
right people
with the
right values
and give them
right encouragement


take action.
GPNZ Campaign Core Team

Team Leader (from any function)
Campaigners (2)
Fundraisers (2)
Comms Officer
Digital Campaigner
Volunteer Coordinator
supporter should not receive 4 different emails from four different groups within GP
communication that goes beyond an ask
Life Stage
Life Style
This means taking a 360 degree look at each supporter...
Greenpeace Storytelling Project
Inspiring and enabling people to act will have a
knock on effect
where our supporters
inspire others

who then
join us
and so on….
This means forging
new relationships
with groups that are similar to us and some that are quite different
We are already an
making a
huge impact
30 million supporters around the world that, when working together, can raise a global outcry big enough to force change from corporate giants
We are often innovative, fun, and interactive with our supporters...
..but we do have some areas to work on!
We are winning the battles
but losing the war.
We need to start to tackle
root causes
change the systems
that continue to create these problems.
To do this we need
not 30 million supporters
but 300 million supporters.
...and not just in supporting roles! We need 300 million agents for change taking action beside us and also independently!
Preparing for Engagement in 2015
Press Officers
Traditional Campaign Team Model
In order to design massive people
powered campaigns, we need all
the right people at the table
from the outset.
Campaign is predominantly designed by campaigners
Campaign designed around audience
with help from all departments
“Ideas can come from unexpected people with unexpected backgrounds, and sometimes they are so much better than anything you can think about in your planning meeting in your NGO.” -Ingo Boltz
We are amazing at engaging people on the top end and the bottom end of the engagement scale
Still need to work on
taking supporters on a journey
to deeper engagement
We want to use technology to
replicate the few special relationships
at the top of the ladder on a
large scale
with our millions of volunteers further down the ladder.
And learning to approach them at a time when they are motivated and able to participate.
For example...
A mother with young children may not have time to commit to volunteering BUT she may have a large social network which she can influence
A retired man might have more free time and may be in a position to donate
What does this mean exactly?
We know we can't do this alone so we need to be open to collaborating and working with others
without always being in the driver's seat
Working to
empower and assist
other groups and individuals whose work can help us reach our overall goals
Helping people to
co-create content and strategy
with the knowledge that they will be more motivated to participate in campaigns they have ownership of
In 2015...
Developing a more in depth Global Engagement Plan in conjunction with people across all the different functions and NRO's
This plan will be our roadmap to
1 billion acts of courage
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