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Video Cheat Sheet

A list of different camera angles used for filming videos

Morgyn Davies

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Video Cheat Sheet

Video Cheat Sheet A list of basic camera angles to help you film professional videos Medium Shot (MS) Oblique Angle (OA) Point of View Shot (POV) High Angle Shot (h/a) Low Angle Shot (l/a) Birds Eye View (BEV) Extreme Close Up (ECU) Over the Shoulder Shot (OTS) Close Up (CU) Interior (INT) Long Shot (LS) Establishing Shot (EST) Exterior (EXT) A shot or a group of shots taking place inside. Usually used before a scene is explained in a script. Shot taken from a great distance, almost always an exterior shot, shows much of locale. Also known as an Extreme Long Shot. A shot of a small object or face that fills the screen. Adds importance to object photographed. A shot of a small object or part of a face that fills the screen. Usually contains two figures, one with his/her back to the camera, and the other facing the camera. Camera is placed directly overhead. Extremely disorienting. Viewer is godlike. A shot taken from the vantage point a particular character, or hat a character sees. Camera looks down at what is being photographed. Takes away power of subject, makes it insignificant. gives general overview. Camera is located below subject matter. Increases height and power of subject. A shot or a group of shots taking place outside. Usually used before a scene is explained in a script. Exterior shot of the apartment building from the TV show "Friends" EXT of the Tony Stark's home in the movie "Ironman" EXT of the McFly home in the movie "Back to the Future" INT of The Brady Bunch home INT of Sherlock Holmes:A Game of Shadows
Professor Moriarty's study. INT of Pride and Prejudice the Pemberly EST shot from Mary Poppins EST shot of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. EST shot of the beach from the movie "Soul Surfer" (A relative term) A shot taken from a sufficient distance to show a landscape, a building, or a large crowd LS from "Boogie Nights" LS from "Titanic" LS from "Avatar" (Also relative) A shot between a long shot and a close-up that might show two people in full figure or several people from the waist up. MS from "Pretty Woman" MS from "Narnia: Prince Caspian" MS from "127 Hours" CU of Gollum from "Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth" CU from "Beastly" CU from "Black Swan" ECU from Kill Bill ECU of Spiderman's Symbol on his back in "Spiderman" ECU of the eye of Sauron from "Lord of the Rings" OTS from "Tangled" OTS from "The Hangover" OTS from "The Notebook" BEV from "Hitchcock" BEV from "Titanic" Birds Eye View in the movie Shawshank Redemption Lateral tilt of the camera so that figures appear to be falling out of the frame. Suggests tension and transition. Sometimes used as the point of view of a drunk. OA from the original Batman movie OA from Batman: Dark Knight Rises OA from Thor POV shot from "Force of Evil" POV shot from "Inception" POV shot from "Cloverfield" h/a shot from "Matilda" h/a shot from "Night at the Museum" h/a shot from TV series "The Simpsons" l/a shot from "X-men 3 : The Last Stand" l/a shot from Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" l/a shot from "Slumdog Millionaire" Cross Shot (XO) This is shot sequence in which the looks alternately at one or the other person, with the camera-near person completely out of the shot. Thankyou!
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