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Red Bull Interview Assignment

Lauren Ferree - Student Brand Manager

Lauren Ferree

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Bull Interview Assignment

Lauren Ferree Student Brand Manager
Interview Assignment
May 22, 2013 What are the new trends/activities/sports on your campus? How many students attend your school? What are the biggest clubs and/or organizations on campus and who are the leaders for those organizations? 5,300 Undergrad Students
(President Doti & Dean Price)

Greek Life - IFC & Panhellenic
(Adam Chavez & Samantha Cressey)
16 Greek Houses

Chapman Dance Alliance
Mariah Spears (So You Think You Can Dance?)

Chapman Snow Club
Johnny Wilcox

Soundcheck & Men of Harmony
Graeme Aegerter

Orientation Assistants
Kelli Sattler What are the hot spots on campus where students like to hangout? What is the party dorm or off campus apartment? Piazza

Mason Family Beach Club

Student Union

Sorority/Fraternity House Parties

New to Campus: Panther Village

Doy's Place (Henley Basement) Built in 2011, there is a Jamba Juice, Bagel Shop, TV's, couches... It's the lounge on campus You can't walk to class without passing through The pool that makes you question if we go to school or if we're at a resort We don't have a row, but we definitely manage Off-campus housing only available to upper-classmen It's 2am, students are drunk & hungry Red Bull Flugtag is coming to Long Beach in September 2013 as an SBM, you would be tasked to have at least ten teams committed and signed up by June 1st. How would you get the word out and get students excited at your school? What creative/innovative ideas do you have? Don’t be afraid of actually getting out there and get people signed up! Create a Chapman-wide Facebook Group, and include the incoming Class of 2017
Create a compilation video from Flugtag 2012 to remind people how fun it is
Invite people over to my house to create their homemade, human-powered machines in my backyard
Call all of the Greek Life Presidents and set up a time to meet with them to get their chapter on board
Communicate with Chapman Dean of Students to send notification & info in his University-wide emails
Trust me, I am not scared to literally go out and physically approach people to sign up, I am an outgoing & fearless person which will greatly help with this assignment These are my friends: As an SBM, one of your roles is to excite the student body. What are some refreshing, new ideas you may have to bring the brand to life on your campus? I have attended:
KROQ Red Bull Sound Space concert ft. Slightly Stoopid
Terry Adams visits Chapman
Switchboard in Huntington Beach
AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, & Zeale concert at The Observatory If you can't tell, I'm already pretty excited about Red Bull! I want to remove the predisposition that Red Bull is just an energy drink. What I have learned by attending Red Bull events, it's that it's not a product, it's an experience. I want to brand Red Bull as the adrenaline, fearless, and go-getter lifestyle that it offers. Have Red Bull atheletes visit Chapman regularly
Coordinate adrenaline-packed events that students wouldnt have normally (Skydiving, bungee-jumping, surfing, skate park visits, hikes... things that push their comfort zones)
Spontaneous & unpredictable events that shock students (similar to the air-drop event this spring)
Encourage students to use social media to recieve prizes and gifts from Red Bull (hide an awesome Red Bull package on campus, tweet hints, and see who finds it)
Concerts on campus
COVER the campus in Red Bull marketing merchandise (stickers, shirts, wristbands, lanyards, decals, laptop covers) You will also have access to bring the Wings Team to your school to hand out samples on your campus. When/where would you send the Wings Team? Pool during Orientation week and first few weeks of class
Library during midterms/finals
Piazza during Greek events and club activities
Student Union in afternoons when groups are meeting and students are relaxing
Dorm basketball courts in afternoons when students get back from their first classes
Piazza during Sorority recruitment & Fraternity rush Chapman dorm basketball courts during Fraternity rush event What are the 3 main events each semester that we cannot miss out on? 1. Undie Run. 2. Airbands (Fall) / Skit Night (Spring) 6,000+ people (remember Chapman only has 5,300 students) running from the Piazza on campus to the orange circle and back. In their underwear. The Greek competitions of all competitions. Each house puts on an 8-minute performance that they've worked on for over 2 months. We take this very seriously. 3. Fraternity Kick-Off Parties At these parties, it doesn't matter if you're Greek, not Greek, or anything in between. The goal of these parties is just to PARTY. They are held at the beginning of each semester to "kick off" the new year. These things get BIG. Chapman UPB (University Program Board) is the event planning and student life coordinators of the school. They host events on campus, and are in charge of campus clubs. I am very close with this organization, and can have great contribution in their activity planning. A fraternity of their own, our Chapman baseball team are pretty aggressive adrenaline junkies. Although we're D3, it doesn't stop these guys from killing in on the field. Chapman keeps up with all of the latest internet trends (planking, Harlem shake, memes, you name it) I am very digital savvy, and can keep up to date with Chapman's internet trends daily.
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