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how to enhance your cybersecurityplans

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erik planken

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of how to enhance your cybersecurityplans

Erik Planken
Ministry of Security and Justice
Law Enforcement department
+31 6 13775871

Download : Discussion paper on cybercrime strategies by the global project on Cybercrime of COE
Thank you Alexander Seger for granting the use of this presentation

http://www.coe.int/t/DGHL/cooperation/economiccrime/cybercrime/cy_Octopus_Interface_2011/Presentations/default_en.asp THANK YOU / ANY QUESTIONS? Cybercrime and cybersecurity are related and complementary
The strategies use however different concepts

During 2009 – 2011 different governments adopted cyber security strategies ( US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, UK, Netherlands, France, Czech republic, Germany, Estonia)
They often comprise of cybercrime strategy or there is an extra cybercrime stratgey

Option 1
Specific CC strategy in addition to CS strategy
Option 2
Enhance CS strategy with CC components Summary Overall objective
to ensure the availability, reliability, integrity and use of ICT and preservation of CIIP

Specific objective
prevention of non intentional attacks incidents and intentional attacks by state or non-state actors and / or terrorists and criminals Objective of Cybersecurity strategy Cybercrime reporting
legislation, incl. safeguards and data protection
Specialised units
interagency cooperation
Law enforcement training
Judicial training
public / private cooperation
Effective international cooperation
financial investigations and money laundering and fraud prevention
protection of children Elements of Cybercrime strategy Cybersecurity – cybercrime
Non intentional incidents
Intentional attacks against ICT
(c-i-a attacks)

Protection, mitigation, recovery
techniques, procedures,
institutions, vulnerability
analysis, early warning,
response, CERT, CSIRT Typically defined as:
Protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems in order to enhance security, resilience, reliability and trust in ICT

national interest = reliance on ICT
Economic potential of ICT
Critical Information Infrastructure Cybersecurity Erik Planken
Ministry of Security and Justice
Law Enforcement department

Council of Europe, T-CY
www.coe.int/cybercrime Introduction
Intentional attacks against and by means of computers
any crime involving electronic evidence

Investigation, prosecution, adjudication
Conditions and safeguards
Technical and other
measures Typically defined as:
Offences against computer data and systems (c-i-a)
Offences by means of computers

Rule of law and human rights
crime prevention
criminal justice Cybercrime Strategy:
Combating Cyber Crime and Cyber Security How to enhance your Cyber Plans 8 - 9 November 2012, Berlin Outline Cyber Crime & Cyber Security A comparison Incident reporting
public / private cooperation
interagency cooperation
CERT / CSIRT involveld
Cybersecurity board / authority
legislation, incl. safeguards and data protection
Law enforcement strategy
CIIP defence strategy
Effective international cooperation Elements of Cybersecurity strategy EU actions EU strategy
internal security EU cybersecurity
strategy Elements of the strategy Overall objective
to ensure that the rule of law applies and that legitimate rights are protected also in the ICT / On line environment

Specific objective
effective criminal justice response to offences against and by means of computers as well as to any offence involving electronic evidence Objective of Cybercrime strategy * cybersecurity * cyber resilience * awareness raising * cybercrime * R&D investments * reduction of crime * open, free internet * industrial resources directive on common minimum NIS ENISA to help ensure MS of capabilities roadmap for certification of professionals cybersecurity month platform on NIS solutions EC3 at Europol EU international Cyberspace policy Under debate definitions
comparison crime - security
elaboration on strategies
EU developments
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