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Mass Extinction

No description

Andrea Bolt

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Mass Extinction

MASS EXTINCTION Mass extinction is when a large number of Earth's species becomes extinct in a short period of time. First started when humans arrived on the planet about 100,000 years ago. “Humans were like bulls in a China shop: disrupting ecosystems by overhunting game species, and spreading microbial disease.” -Niles Elderage Mass Extinction is becoming a problem Due to:
habitat destruction
global warming There has been five major extinctions, and leading to a sixth. The sixth extinction which we are under now is said to be bigger than the extinction of the dinosuars. “Humans are wiping out much of the Earth's plant and animal life by paving over open space for homes and factories; clearing forests for cultivation and grazing; polluting the air and water; and introducing non-native species into fragile ecological areas.”(Cooper) Habitat Destruction Agriculture represents the single most reflective environmental change in the entire 3.5 billion year time span of life (Eldredge). With habitat destruction overtaking much of the Earth for human wants/needs we are putting our lives in danger. We will be destroying species of plants and animals that provide us with food, shelter, medicine and much more.
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