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Pride and Prejudice

No description

Saummya Rashangi

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Pride and Prejudice

Literary Techniques
Conversations: The conversation between Mrs. Gardiner and Eliza carry a lot of advice and it is here that Elizabeth comes to the decision that she had never actually loved Wickham.

Setting and Characters
Jane, Wickham, Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst are characters that are not actually present in the setting but they are being talked about by the characters present
Setting and Characters
Setting: Hunsford parsonage. Rosings Park is mentioned a few times.
Tour: On the second day of the tour we are introduced to a new character ; Miss Anne de Bourgh.
Pride and Prejudice
Presented by: Saummya, Stephni, Thisal, Pasindu and Oshan
Chapter 26

Elizabeth also receives a letter from Mrs. Gardiner asking about Wickham. Eliza answers back saying that Wickham now has his eyes on a Miss King who has a large fortune; this slightly hurts Eliza which leads her to believe that she never loved Wickham in the first place.

Chapter 27
The Gardiners invite Eliza on a tour and she gladly accepts. Finally they arrive at Hunsford to see the newlyweds and both Sir William and Eliza are warmly welcome.
Chapter 28
The whole party including Elizabeth, Sir William, Charlotte and Mr. Collins are invited to dine at Rosings.

Mrs. Gardiner warns Elizabeth about falling in love with Wickham at the beginning of Chapter 26. Elizabeth replies that she will do her best to keep Wickham at a safe distance. Jane and the Gardiners leave for London.
Mr.Collins returns for his wedding with Charlotte Lucas. Meanwhile Elizabeth receives letters from Jane which state that she called on Miss Bingley and how Miss Bingley was cold to her.
Sir William Lucas and Eliza are visiting Charlotte and her husband Mr. Collins. On the way they spend a night with the Gardiners.
Elizabeth sees Miss de Bourgh from a window on the second day and she decides that Anne is “sickly and cross” and she imagines with some satisfaction Darcy’s marrying such an unappealing person.
Chapter 26
Setting: The chapter is set in Longbourn where the Gardiners have come celebrate christmas with the Bennets.
Characters: Mrs. Gardiner, Elizabeth Mr. Collins, Charlotte
Letters: The letter that Jane sends to Eliza tells us about Ms. Bingley's cold attitude while helping to carry the narrative forward .
Setting and Characters
Setting: Longbourn and
London ( Gracechurch Street)
Literary Techniques

Conversations: During on of her conversations with Mrs. Gardiner invites Eliza on a tour. It is while she is on her tour that she firstly meets an interesting character.

Characters: Sir William Lucas, Maria, Elizabeth, Mrs. Gardiner
Journey: In march Elizabeth and Sir Lucas's trip to see Charlotte brings them across Jane and the Gardiners.
Chapter 27
Characters: Mr. Collins, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Maria. (Anne de Bourgh is seen once)
Literary Techniques
The brief conversation between Elizabeth, Mr. Collins and Charlotte lets the reader know of the invitation to dine at Rosings.
Chapter 28

The End
Themes and Quotes
"...that I have never been in love, for had I really...I should at present detest his very name".
"..Handsome young men must have something to live on, as well as the plain"
Themes: Realization , Marriage
Quotes: "You have sense and we all expect you to use it".
Narrative style: Omniscient
Themes and Quotes
"What are men to rocks and mountains?"
Themes: Journeys
Narrative style: Omniscient, Letter writing
Quotes: "A man in distressed circumstances has not time for all those elegant decorums..."
"Stupid men are the only ones worth knowing after all."
Themes and Quotes
Themes: Journeys, Excitement
Quotes: "Lady Catherine is a very respectable, sensible woman indeed and a most attentive neighbour"
"She is abominably rude to keep Charlotte out of doors in all this wind"
"...She looks sickly and cross..She will make him a very proper wife."
Narrative style: Omniscient, Conversations
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