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Universal Systems Model

No description

Ione Dyer

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Universal Systems Model

Ione Dyer Universal Systems Model Jeans! Resources Needs and Wants Technologies Impact People: Tailors, Consumers, Factory Workers

Knowledge/Information: sketchers, planners, seamstresses

Materials: Cotton Nourishment:
Need: cotton Wants:dark blue dye
Need: store Wants: your closet
Need: truck Wants: airplane Transportation: semi-truck

Communication: Advertising

Manufacturing: Sewing machines Tools and Machines: sewing machines

Energy: Power source to run machines Capital: to produce and buy product

Time: To create and wear Communication:
Need: lasting wear
Want: skinny jean
Need: be worn
Want: worn for party
Health Care:
Need: be rinsed
Want: cleaned in washer Construction: Factory

Bio-Technologies: Waterproof cotton

Military, Space, R&D: sturdy trousers~everyday comfort~stylish designs and thousands of variations Without jeans, what would people be wearing today? Because jeans are worn nearly every day by so many people, without them, our entire society would be different. Denim jeans were a uniquely American product that have stuck around for a long time. Innovations Future, Enhancements, Comclusion Jeans started as sturdy trousers made for the use of factory workers. As they became more and more popular, people began wearing them outside of work and on a daily basis. Jeans with varying styles and enhancements were also being made. You could buy jeans pre-shrunk or made to look as if they had been worn down already with rips and tears. There are now jeans for every occasion; work, home,gatherings, and parties. (skinny jeans, flare, boot) In the future, jeans could go through further enhancements, like becoming waterproof. Jeans will be able to change to fit with whatever is currently considered "in" or what people are looking for in their clothing. Jeans are a product that continue to develop, just as humans do. Bibliography *Mr. Kinsler
*My brain
*www.newint.org Thanks! Ione Dyer Input Process Output Feedback Closed Loop System Open Loop
System 1. Monitor 2.Compare 3. Adjust Idea
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