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Ancient civilizations of mexico

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David Padilla

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Ancient civilizations of mexico

Five Comparing Facts on Ancient Mexico and the United States
*America and Ancient Mexico were greatly effected by explores from Europe.
*Ancient Mexico and American people began to come into the Americas around 13,000 years ago.
*Like the Ancient Mexicans many American Indians died from when European conquest brought unknown and deadly diseases.
*Both America and Mexico won there independence in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
*Both Indians and Mexicans had many conflicts with Europeans from the 15th to the 18th century A.D.
10 Words in English and Spanish Related to Ancient Mexico
Aztecs = Aztecas
Mayans = Mayans
Olmec = Omleca
Dzibilchaltun = Dzibilchaltún
Chichen itza = Chichén Itzá

10 Facts on Ancient Mexican Civilizations
Nahuatl = Nahuatl
Lacandons = Lacandons
Uxmal = Uxmal
kukuclan = kukuclan
wall of skulls=Muro de las Calaveras
Ancient Civilizations of Mexico
*The first evidence of people in Mexico appeared more than 13,000 years ago. *The first major civilization in Mexico was the Olmecas, which started around 1500 b.c.e and lasted nearly 1000 years.
*Since the start of the Olmecas there has been 4 more major civilizations, the Mayans, the Teotihuacan, the Toltec, and the Aztec Empire.
*The Aztec, being the strongest empire which ruled the largest empire known to central America.

The Aztec Empire
The Fall of the Aztec Capital
Five Contrasting Facts on Mexico and The United States
By David Padilla
There are many similarities and differences between Ancient Mexico and the United States today. Ancient Mexico was quite different from the United States today. Ancient Mexico was run by many small and same large civilizations that would last hundreds of years, while the modern United States is 238 years old. The population of Modern United States is much larger than any other DO IT ASS WIPE
*Ancient Mexico had a small population compared to the U.S. today.
*The United States today speaks different languages than Ancient Mexico.
*Ancient Mexico is much older than the Modern United States.
*The foods from both places are quite different from each other.
*The United States is run by a democracy while most of Ancient Mexican Civilizations were oligarchies.
New York City with a population of over eight million people.
The country that our topic, ancient civilizations, is related to the present day country of Mexico.
American Indians
Thanks for Watching!
The Aztecs and other civilizations prospered until the Spanish began to come to the Americas.
*A man named Hernán Cortés invaded Mexico in the early 1500's.
*Disease and advanced weapons lead to the fall of the Aztec Empire.
*Cortés captured and tortured the royal families to prevent the Aztec people from revolting.
*The people of Mexico didn't fall overnight. It took Spain another 200 years to finish there conquest to occupy Mexico.
*Mexico was occupied by Spain until the Mexicans won there independence in September 27, 1821.
*Today there are many landmarks and ruins from these civilizations that will always make the world know about ancient Mexicans.
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